Ligiannah Mohamed, Excelia Alumni

" Excelia helped me to understand myself, to surpass myself… and to discover the world! "
BBA International


Chat with Ligiannah Mohamed, Algerian-Togolese, former student on the BBA International.

Photo Ligiannah MohamedWould you like to introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Ligiannah Mohamed. I am of Algerian-Togolese origin and was brought up further south, in Cameroon, by my parents who worked in the diplomatic field. Today, I live in a small town in Bavaria, in Southern Germany.

For more than 2 years now, I’ve been working in logistics as an Outbound Area Manager for Amazon.

When I was a student in my final year of High School, before I decided to study at Excelia, I was unsure about my future and where I wanted to go. Certain doubts prevented me from making a decision. I had always been interested in working in business, but I didn’t know exactly what sector of activity I should focus on.  The only thing I was sure of was that I absolutely wanted to get away and immerse myself in a new culture.



How did you find out about Excelia?

I found out about it through an international Excelia representative, who came to my High School to promote Excelia a few months before the Baccalaureate. It was perfect timing because I was completely lost!

This Excelia representative took the time to explain to us all the opportunities that the school, and La Rochelle itself, had to offer.

I was particularly attracted by the Humacité© initiative, which reflected my humanitarian values and my taste for adventure and sharing.


What made you decide to study at Excelia?

In all honesty, I didn’t have really have a plan, which I think is the case for many students in their final year of High School.

However, I knew that I wanted to pursue a higher education programme combining theory with immersive business experience, in a country of my choosing.

Excelia proved to be the perfect match for me as it met my career goals, ticking all the boxes!

✅ Having an international background myself, it was always clear to me that I wanted to study in a foreign country to broaden my horizons. I also knew that France would offer me a warm welcome.

Humacité©, Excelia’s humanitarian, social and solidarity initiative, was a key element in my decision. I really enjoyed this project of several weeks and it offered me a new perspective of the world.

✅ Excelia’s vocationally-oriented programme is quite unusual. During my 4 years, I was able to incorporate a work-study track, allowing me to gain experience in France and another country, spending a first semester at Excelia and a second abroad.

✅ Of course, the possibility of academic expatriation was also a deciding factor as my aim was to immerse myself in a second country and learn a new language. I chose German.


Which programme did you study at Excelia?

I chose the BBA International, a 4-year vocationally-oriented programme that is extremely varied and comprehensive.

Over the 4 years, I gained 2 years of business experience through the work-study track, carried out a Humacité© project, and spent a year abroad. I opted for a rather unusual programme: the Franco-German double qualification, where I was immersed in German culture for 2 years.

Then I specialised in logistics in my final year. Looking back, I can safely say that the BBA International programme met all my expectations.


On a personal and a professional level, what did you acquire at Excelia?

Excelia taught me to be increasingly independent. Excelia often put me in testing situations… I had to work in groups, make presentations in front of large audiences, work independently on projects within companies, and spend time abroad through expatriation.

All these enriching experiences, both personally and professionally, enabled me to mature. And thanks to the variety of experiences in companies, I came out of my 4 years of study at Excelia with a well-rounded and extensive CV. This wasn’t necessarily the case for many of my friends who opted for other schools.


Where are you today in terms of your professional career?

After finishing my Masters, specialising in logistics, I received a job offer from Amazon in Germany. This offer matched my career goals, so I seized the opportunity. 

I’m an Outbound Area Manager at Amazon Germany and I’m very happy in my job. The company I chose challenges me and encourages me to leave my comfort zone. I decided to stay in Germany even though it was not my original plan. I’m living a great adventure! I took the risk of going to a country far from my family...that’s what you learn at Excelia, to be courageous and to constantly challenge yourself!


In a few words, what advice would you give to a foreign student wishing to study at Excelia?

I would say that Excelia helps you to push yourself, to leave your comfort zone, to discover more about yourself and the world. The Humacité© and Climacité© projects are extremely rewarding on both a human and a professional level.


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