2025 Strategic plan

Plan stratégique 2025

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Our vision




Our goal is to be recognised as: 

  •   A reference in its local regions

  •   A benchmark for its innovative pedagogy and its values

  •   An ethical and socially responsible player making a contribution internationally

Our aim is to guarantee access to knowledge and educational excellence for everyone within our local regions, by supporting and facilitating all economic, environmental, ethical, social, societal and regional changes and developments.



Our mission




Excelia, creator and disseminator of knowledge, has a mission to:

  • Train learners to become responsible professionals and prepare them for lifelong employability, and to contribute to: 
    • The transformation of organisations,
    • The development of its regions.



5 PHARE values





The French word ‘PHARE’ translates as a lighthouse.  leading/pioneering/key




  • Work together: joint development, collective intelligence to create MEANING
  • Live together… become ‘ONE’
  • Presence & Proximity
  • Power of actions and Sharing




  • Engender a better understanding of our world and be able to take a step back to see the bigger picture
  • Learn how to accept others in all their diversity
  • Encourage an understanding of 'humanity' so as to nurture a sense of humility and the learner’s attitude




  • Develop a spirit of 'discovery' 
  • Develop a sense of creative initiative
  • Develop the ability to adapt, a prerequisite for employability
  • Create the right environment for audacity




  • Ethics / CSR / Circularity
  • Climate issues
  • Economic, Social, Societal, Regional, Environmental responsibilities





  • Honour our responsibility to all our stakeholders
  • Show total commitment, both individually and collectively, through loyalty, sincerity and honesty
  • Undertake not to compromise our identity and values
  • Engage in decision-making that takes account of societal issues




4 strategic orientations




To nurture our ambitions and develop our leadership, as a generator and disseminator of knowledge.

  • #1 Assert our positioning in terms of CSR and Sustainable Development

  • #2 Develop activities with significant added    value, for the benefit of our local regions

  • #3 Build a differentiating, diversified, sustainable model

  • #4 Accelerate our internationalisation