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The associations at Excelia are fully active throughout the entire year. There are some 50 associations and clubs to choose from and getting involved will help your development on both a personal and a professional level.

With more than 800 active members generating an economic activity of some 1 000 000 euros, our Group’s student associations and clubs are particularly dynamic.

“Since the beginnings of Excelia, student associations and clubs have always played an important role. Today, involvement in them has become an integral part of our student programmes,” states Christelle Egreteau, Head of Associations, Excelia.

As part of your programme, you will take part in a team project within one of these associations, a sports club or even one of the Group’s communication or promotional activities. Known as SCAP (Sport, Communications, Associations and Promotions), the principle aim of your involvement is to ensure you have a fully-rounded experience throughout your studies.

The associations at Excelia are responsible for the coordination of a large number of projects of differing scales and themes.

“The Group is fully committed to student involvement in associations and clubs as proven through the work of some of its key organisations such as Le Bureau Des Etudiants (The Student Office), Le Bureau Des Sports (Student Sports Society), ISSE'O (the School’s Sailing Club), or even OXYGENE (a club organising community-based projects),” adds Christelle Egreteau.

By honouring the values of team spirit, solidarity, commitment, responsibility, honesty, integrity, respect and tolerance, your personality can only evolve accordingly.

Learning managerial skills 

For students choosing the Entrepreneurship Track (Master in Management Grande Ecole programme Year 2) or those choosing the Association Entrepreneurship Track (Bachelor in Business Year 2), these associations provide a perfect environment in which to acquire managerial skills.

Students take on a role of responsibility for a certain time period, in which they manage the association as well as its projects and team members. In addition, they benefit from extra management training and personal coaching. It is a unique opportunity to be responsible for a team, a budget and one or more projects.

Supported by business professionals and senior personnel from within the School, the 60 or so students who we train every year to become association managers and heads of project, gain a real-life experience of leadership, project management and team management” notes Christelle Egreteau.

In short, these roles provide excellent grounding for students’ professional lives and are considered valuable experience in the eyes of recruiters.


Vie associative Excelia
Vie associative Excelia
Vie associative Excelia

They move and they motivate!

All year round, our Clubs and Associations are in full swing within Excelia, enabling you to achieve personal and professional fulfilment. Your study programme will allow you the time to fully invest in a team project within an Association, a sporting activity or even Excelia's communication and promotional activities. Known as ‘SCAP’ for Sport, Communications, Associations and Promotion, the philosophy of student involvement in the Clubs and Associations has existed since the creation of the Group. Why not get involved, and put into practice everything you have learned during the year! It is a privileged managerial learning ground, a fulfilling and rewarding experience, proving to recruiters that our graduates possess the essential values of team spirit, solidarity, commitment, responsibility, honesty, integrity, respect, tolerance and much more! The SCAP module, on Thursday afternoons, is therefore an integral part of all our study programmes.

Your involvement can take many forms. Excelia's Clubs and Associations coordinate the organisation of a multitude of projects of varied themes, shapes and sizes... communications and media, team sports and water sports (of course – La Rochelle is by the sea after all!), international and solidarity actions, arts and culture, student life, networks and companies. Follow the guide... come and join us!