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Personal Development Excelia

Experiential and Personal Development (EPD) is a learning approach developed by Excelia to encourage and contribute to both your personal and professional success.


3 letters, which represent a learning approach unique to our Group that will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, thereby enabling you to determine the most suitable professional path. Encompassing several different experiences, adapted to each of our programmes, EPD is a perfect complement to your academic studies.

More than simply educating you for business and management jobs, the goal of Excelia is to strengthen your capacity to shape a successful career path after your studies.

“In terms of recruitment, we know that today employers focus more on the candidate’s personality, commitment and motivation for the job”

Excelia aims to make you the driving force in your plans for the future. Throughout your studies, you will therefore receive support and guidance in identifying, developing and putting your personal and professional project into action.

“We offer each of our students the opportunity to understand their strengths, and to determine exactly what they would like to achieve professionally”

EDP covers this field of experiential learning, made up of personal and professional experiences, constituting a veritable advantage for your future. The objective is to ensure that, by the end of your studies, you are fully prepared to enter the job market. 

EPD refers to all the experiences you will have outside of lesson time, such as internships, Humacité© project or expatriation; each one being a veritable source of knowledge. This approach to enhancing your professional experience has been developed alongside our business partners and external recruitment organisations. EPD is common to all programmes offered by Excelia and is adapted appropriately for each individual programme. In order to be even more effective, EDP is supplemented by professional workshops and specific events organised by the EDP department and the management from the Corporate Relations & Career Centre.

“For instance, when studying the large retail sector, to complement the module, we invite the HR Manager of a major retailer to introduce the various careers which could be of interest to the students”

In a student survey, more than 90% of participants said they valued these exchanges with industry professionals, which have now become an integral part of the Group’s programmes.

Personalised support

In addition EPD, personalised guidance and support is available to all students who wish to consolidate their development, capitalise on their strengths, clarify their project and of course prepare for the world of work.

“This personalised support service is constantly being developed and enhanced to enable our students to have a perfect understanding of who they are, so as to help them succeed in their professional life”

The objective is to ensure that, by the end of your studies, you are fully prepared to enter the job market and be able to dictate your own career path throughout your professional life.

“Rather than simply concentrating on searching for that first job which most closely corresponds to a student’s profile, our process aims to focus on securing lasting employment. We are therefore on hand to support and guide our graduates throughout their professional life”


If desired, you can benefit from extra lessons, given free-of-charge by students from the years above. This mentoring scheme will enable you to further progress in different subjects, improve your academic level as well as creating inter-year contacts.


Throughout your studies, a team of tutors and coaches is on hand to help you develop your personal and professional project and prepare you for your future career.

Career Centre

During the year, you are welcome to participate in the various workshops organised by the Career Centre. Here, you will have the opportunity to meet coaches who will guide you in your search for internships as well as assisting you in entering the job market. To find out more about the various services on offer, simply go to the Career Centre on campus or visit the e-learning platform which can be accessed whenever you want, from wherever you are...

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