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Research activity is at the heart of the School’s mission and overall strategy.

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The creation and transmission of new knowledge is one of the three integral parts of the School’s mission. The Group's development plan clearly refers to an ‘unfailing commitment’ to research, by insisting on continually improving the quality and quantity of publications, as well as the strong desire to increase the amount of research that is auto-financed.

The CERIIM is our Centre of Research for Innovation and Intelligence in Management. All teachers and lecturers working in the field of management take part in CERIIM activities, and are involved in one of three categories: academic research, practice-oriented research or research in pedagogy and innovation.

The School’s commitment to research is the driving force behind both the recruitment of new teachers and the encouragement for publication. The School is involved in all areas of management and has established three areas of specialisation that differentiate it and define its identity: ‘Sustainable Development and CSR’, ‘Tourism Management’ and ‘Agility, Innovation Digitalisation’ (AID). These are explored and developed, principally through specialised Institutes and company Chairs.  Research contributions that, for various reasons, do not fall into one of the three areas of research, constitute another area, which is referred to as ‘Concepts and Practices in Management’. In addition, any intellectual contributions taking the form of a business case study fall within the jurisdiction of INNOV Case Lab.



The aim of research at Excelia:

  • to participate in the production and dissemination of research within both national and international research communities
  • to contribute to the transfer of the most advanced knowledge in management and its applicability to students and companies, in particular as concerns those organisations located with our local region, by offering them research-action, consultancy services, continuing education, professional conferences etc.
  • to give credibility to the positioning and differentiation of the Group's educational offer, particularly in two of its three areas of expertise: Sustainable Development and CSR, and Tourism Management
  • be in line with the logic of research that an impact on four levels: academic managerial pedagogical and societal.


To increase its influence and efficiency, Excelia has developed collaborations with many research laboratories, universities and companies.

On a local and regional level

Due to its location, the University of La Rochelle is naturally one of our local partners. As far as research is concerned, our establishments are associated through a ‘framework agreement’ on collaboration and the exchange of skills.

The CEREGE is the joint research laboratory in Management Science at the University of Poitiers and the University of La Rochelle. It plays a leading and federating role in Management Science research in the region of the Poitiers Education Authority. Excelia is a member of this laboratory.

Collaboration between the research teams of EIGSI La Rochelle Engineering School and our Group has strengthened over the past several years.

On a national level

In the field of tourism, Excelia maintains an active partnership with ESTHUA at the University of Angers.

The Group is a Board Member of the two national academic associations on Sustainable Development and CSR: ADERSE and RIODD.

On an international level

Excelia has more than a hundred exchange partnerships, some of which contain a research clause. The desire to develop our research in certain privileged fields, notably tourism and social responsibility, has led us to continually encourage this potential.

The Group regularly organises and hosts national and international conferences in collaboration with its various partners.


Jean-Pierre Helfer
Director of Research

Jean-Pierre Helfer

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