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Le Réseau Alumni, Excelia’s graduate network, aims to create strong links between graduates from across all programmes and all graduation years, whilst providing a springboard to employability and professional mobility.

Creating valuable relationships to promote employability

Founded in 1991, today the Alumni network acts as a fundamental link for the 14 500 students who have already graduated from the Group. Playing a paramount role in the step between student life and professional life, the Alumni network provides its members, both graduates and students, not only with the opportunity of keeping in contact with each other but also with offers of employment and dedicated events… and all on an international level.

Its main objectives are to develop the employability of the Group’s graduates and to provide a platform where members can meet and share experiences. Through its work, the Alumni network has become an important part in the daily life of our Group.

The Alumni network has several objectives:
  • To provide its members with a range of tools, services and professional support and guidance throughout their professional life
  • To facilitate contact and sharing between the Group’s graduates
  • To maintain links between graduates in their professional life and the Group’s current students
  • To develop and organise both professional and social events to strengthen these links
  • To promote the Group itself, so as to assist graduates in their initial job search and throughout their professional life
  • To provide graduates with the opportunity of being involved in the development of Excelia
  • To extend the influence and activity of the Alumni network internationally

The association also organises events for graduates to meet up and discuss current issues.

For further information about the association or to meet up with members of Excelia’s Alumni network, please contact:

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