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Accreditations and Certifications Excelia

Here you will find information about all our accreditations, certifications, and labels: quality assurance that attests to our excellence.


Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

Label Conférence des Grandes EcolesSince 2007, Excelia has been a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, an association grouping some forty State-recognised Management Schools. Membership is based on stringent criteria relating to the school’s structure, recruitment methods, pedagogical approach, international dimension, relationship with the corporate world, student support and guidance, and the type of qualifications on offer.

Excelia - CGE member since 2007​​​​​


Label Union des Grandes Ecoles IndépendantesExcelia is a member of the Union des Grandes Ecoles Indépendantes. The UGEI, comprising 34 French higher education establishments, aims to further academic excellence. Its active members are CTI*-registered engineering schools and CEFDG**-certified management schools.

* Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs is an organisation that evaluates engineering and management courses, helps develop the quality of education and promotes careers in engineering in France and abroad
** Commission d'évaluation des formations et diplômes de gestion is an organisation that evaluates programmes and qualifications in the field of management

EESPIG, State certification

Qualification Enseignement Supérieur Privé d'Intérêt GénéralEstablished by decree in July 2013, EESPIG* certification aims to bring together all private not-for-profit higher education establishments that sign a contract with the State. This contract, lasting several years, sets out the establishment’s strategic objectives in order to meet national priorities in higher education and research. To receive this certification, the establishment must prove impartial management and commit to being a not-for-profit organisation. To date, 56 higher education institutions have been awarded certification, including 8 management schools, of which Excelia is one.

*Établissement d'enseignement supérieur privé d'intérêt général – Private higher education establishment of public interest

First accreditation 27 April 2017.

Renewal 31 December 2022 for 5 years​​​

PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education)

Principles for Responsible Management EducationPRME (Principles for Responsible The school's commitment to the Global Compact (UN) on the promotion of values such as sustainable development, responsibility and ethics in teaching and research.Education)




Bienvenue en France Label

Logo Bienvenue en France labelExcelia holds the Bienvenue en France Label (Welcome to France Label) which is held by only 139 management schools in the whole of France. This Label proves that Excelia Schools meet the international quality standard set for the welcoming of foreign students in French higher education establishments.
Following the third Approval Commission meeting, which took place on 4th December 2019, bringing together the committees from various organisations (CPU, CDEFI, CGE), HCERES, CTI and Campus France, 57 establishments, including Excelia, hold the Bienvenue en France Label.
The Label is valid for a 4-year period.




Excelia Business School

EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System)

Logo Equis ExceliaExcelia Business School has awarded EQUIS accreditation in 2020 for a period of 3 years.
Having already secured both AACSB and EFMD accreditations, this new EQUIS accreditation consolidates Excelia Business School’s position among the elite of Business Schools worldwide. This international label, which is extremely demanding, recognises the quality of the School's strategy and confirms its excellence on a global scale. In addition, it highlights the School's unique features.

First accreditation in 2020 for 3 years

AACSB, a guarantee of international excellence

Accréditation AACSBSince 2013, Excelia Business School has been AACSB accredited, an international label of excellence.
Founded in 1916, AACSB is the oldest of accreditations, whose aim is to evaluate the School’s mission, the qualifications of the faculty, intellectual contributions and the education programmes, with a view to ensuring overall quality and continuous improvement.
For students and parents, AACSB accreditation is a guarantee that the School is delivering high quality education. For businesses, it is proof that the School’s graduates are competent. It also benefits all stakeholders (graduates, local authorities, partners etc.) by confirming the School’s strength and commitment as well as promoting the local region.

Renewal 25 June 2019 for 5 years



Logo AMBAAMBA international accreditation is a label of excellence, the awarding of which is based on demanding criteria. It is a guarantee of the quality of the programmes offered by Business Schools, and Excelia Business School received the accreditation on 1st July 2020 for its Master in Management programme. AMBA accreditation was awarded to Excelia Business School following an extensive report and an in-depth audit of the entire organisation. The School therefore holds the three prestigious accreditations of EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA, something that only 1% of Business Schools worldwide can boast.


First accreditation in 2020 for 3 years

EFMD, a quality label for BBA and Master in Management programmes

Logo EFMD BachelorLogo EFMD Master


In February 2014, the School was awarded a renewal of its EFMD accreditation for the maximum period of 5 years. This accreditation guarantees that the students on these two programmes are receiving a quality, coherent and internationally-focussed education that complies with demanding specifications. EFMD is an international programme accreditation system operated by the international organisation, European Foundation for Management Development.

Next renewal in February 2024

BSIS (Business School Impact System)

Label BSISEuropean label created and developed by the FNEGE (National Foundation for Business Education and Management) in partnership with EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development)

Renewal for Excelia Business School in December 2022 for 3 years.


Bachelor des CCI

Bachelor des CCIThe Bachelor label of CCI is awarded to courses recognized by the State accessible after a Bac or Bac +2. It identifies business and management training at the Bac+ 3/+ 4 level.

Next renewal in august 2026, in line with State-certified VISA accreditation.



RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications)

france competenceCertification issued by France Competence which is the only national governance of vocational training and apprenticeship ​since September 5th.
This recognition makes it possible to issue certifications recognised by the state and to be visible to people or companies looking for specific training.


VISA from Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche

Logo Visa CGENational label issued by the Commission d'Evaluation des Formations et Diplômes de Gestion (CEFDG)
Three programmes are concerned :
Master in Management (MiM): Renewal from September 2022 in line with State-certified VISA accreditation.
BBA International: Renewal from 1st September 2022 for 3 years.
Bachelor Business (BB): Renewal from 1st September 2022 for 4 years.


Grade de Licence

grade licenceNational label issued by the Commission d'Evaluation des Formations et Diplômes de Gestion (CEFDG)

Grade de Licence for the Bachelor in Business: First State certification from 1st September 2022 for 3 years
Grade de Licence for the BBA International: First State certification from 1st September 2022 for 3 years


Grade de Master

Grade de MasterNational Label set up by the Commission de Formation de Diplômes de Gestion (CEFDG).
It is for schools offering a Bac+ 5 degree and is synonymous with a high level of professional and academic skills.


Grade de Master for the Master in Management: Renewed on 1st September 2018 for 5 years



Excelia Tourism School



Certification TedQualIn 2009, Excelia Tourism School obtained UNWTO.TedQual certification for all of its programmes, the first French school of tourism to have done so. This ensures that the School is recognised in the tourism industry on an international level. 
International recognition for education programmes in tourism
The UNWTO.TedQual Certification System, created in 1999 by the World Tourism Organization with the support of the United Nations, is a quality assurance system for high-level education and training in the tourism, hospitality and the food and beverage industries. It is based on the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and establishes standards of quality and excellence in education, training, savoir-faire and social skills at an international level. Its criteria also include research and teaching in tourism management and hotel management.

Renewal 22 November 2022 for 4 years​​​


VISA from Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche

Logo Visa CGENational label issued by the Commission d'Evaluation des Formations et Diplômes de Gestion (CEFDG)
One programme is concerned :
Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management: First certification from 1st September 2021 for 4 years




CFETBeing a member of the Conférence des formations d'excellence au tourisme is a guarantee of the quality of the programmes on offer and demonstrates the relevance of our qualifications in terms of recruiters’ expectations. The CFET also aims to promote the excellence of French programmes in tourism at an international level. Excelia Tourism School's MSc in Destination Management, Msc in International Hospitality Management and Msc in International Event Management & Hospitality have been approved by the CFET.
*created by the Paris-Île-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry, at the request of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE - Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères) and the Ministry for National Education with the support of the French Tourism Institute (IFT - Institut Français du Tourisme).

First membership for the tourism programmes ​13 March 2017 (conditioned by RNCP validation)​​



Excelia Academy


FLE Qualité – the French as a Foreign Language quality label

Label qualité Français Langues Etrangères FLEThe IEF French Language Institute within Excelia has received the FLE Qualité label for its foundation courses in French as a foreign language.
The label is awarded by three different ministries (Ministry for National Education, Higher Education and Research, Ministry for Culture and Communication and Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development) and is a guarantee of quality as regards the services offered (admissions, welcome, accommodation, administrative support, facilities), the education provided and the programmes on offer.

Renewal 15 December 2018​ for 4 years with 3 stars on all criteria