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If you are a teacher who believes that your knowledge and contagious enthusiasm can nurture future talents by creating the desire to learn and to succeed...then you are definitely in the right place! The Faculty, including many high-level research-active members, show a committed approach motivated by the desire both for excellence and greater internationalisation... nearly half of our 95 permanent faculty members are of foreign nationality. Fed by research, our pedagogical diversity is further fuelled by visiting professors from our international partner universities, as well as external occasional lecturers from the business world, who share their professional expertise.

Our teaching is multifaceted thanks to a variety of approaches including practical case studies, immersion and role-playing. An entire innovative ecosystem has been set up around our students who test, experiment, co-construct and consolidate their knowledge and savoir-faire with confidence.

  • Overview of programmes/courses

    Excelia offers a wide range of programmes from undergraduate to postgraduate level in the fields of Management, Marketing, Digital Technology, Communications, Data Science, Tourism, Health, and Real Estate.

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  • Accreditations and Certifications

    Here you will find information about all our accreditations, certifications, and labels: quality assurance that attests to our excellence.

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  • Our pedagogical philosophy and approach

    Benefit from a dynamic ecosystem and an innovative, committed pedagogy, focussing on the human element and experiential learning.

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  • Faculty

    Excelia’s faculty is both diverse and of a very high calibre. They constantly strive for academic excellence and contribute to enriching the savoir-faire of our students.

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  • Areas of Research

    Research activities are at the heart of Excelia’s mission and overall strategy.

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  • Job offers

    Find out about our job offers and join a teaching team with strong human values!

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Testimonials from Excelians
Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management
You have to do something that really interests you, something that excites you
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“Although fundamental research is noble, within the Group, what motivates us on a daily basis is the application of this research within the world of business. Today, for example, we are carrying out…
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