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CERIIM Our Research Centre Excelia

Centre of Research for Innovation and Intelligence in Management.

The CERIIM (Centre of Research for Innovation and Intelligence in Management), beyond traditional managerial themes (strategy, finance, marketing, human resources, supply chain), focusses on 3 specific areas of research which correspond to the expertise of our Faculty and the Group’s positioning, as well as being intrinsically linked to the School’s mission.

There is an area of academic freedom for contributions from teachers whose works, for various reasons, do not fit into one of the three areas of research. This does not constitute another area of research, but is referred to as ‘Concepts and Practices in Management’.

Each area of research includes academic research, applied research and pedagogical research. Within these areas of research, when a theme meets an economic need, an institute, which can include Company Agreements and Chairs, is created. Two of the Group's three lines of research have led to the creation of institutes. An institute is therefore an organisation that crystallises a body of knowledge and savoir-faire produced by the School. The aim is for an institute to be considered as a centre of outstanding expertise in its professional and academic environment.

CERIIM - Excelia France


The CERIIM holds regular meetings, during which invited research-active Faculty present their work and research methodology.

Research policy is determined in close collaboration with the members of the Research Advisory Board, which is composed of national and international figures from the world of research.

The Research Advisory Board examines and evaluates the research strategy as well as how research is to be structured. It advises on the future development of research activities, the securing of international cooperation and the strengthening of links with industry. It ensures the coherence of research policy and, with this in mind, advises on the broad guidelines and principles for assessing the quality of research and the researchers themselves. The Research Advisory Board meets twice a year.


Composition of the Research Advisory Board:

Name Position Establishment
Chantal Ammi Professor

Institut Mines-Telecom
Business School

Georges Aoun

Marketing Professor
Dean of the Faculty of Management
Member of the Board of Directors of Berytech Incubator
Director of the publication Proche-Orient, études en management (Middle East, Management Studies)
former Assistant Research Director of Saint Joseph University, Beirut

Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon
Faculty of Management

Cécile Clergeau

Chairman of the IAE Nantes Research Advisory Board
Head of the Centre de Management International Franco-Chinois (Franco-Chinese International Management Centre)
Honorary President of AFMAT (Association Francophone de Management du Tourisme - Francophone Tourism Management Association)

IAE Nantes
François Courvoisier

Doctor of Economic Sciences
HES Professor
Dean of the Institut du Marketing Horloger (Watchmaking Marketing Institute)

Institut du Marketing Horloger
Mathilde Gollety University Professor

Université Panthéon Assas (Paris II)
Maison des Sciences de Gestion

Jean-Louis Moulins

University Professor
Project Manager
Head of Master CDG and L3 SG

Aix Marseille University
Nicolas Poussing

HDR Researcher
Head of research area 'Sustainability, Innovation & Labour Relations’
Associate Researcher at CREM-Rennes 1

Luxembourg Institute
of Socio-Economic Research
Jean-Marc Ogier

Director of the University of La Rochelle
Director of L3i

University of La Rochelle
Jean-François Trinquecoste

University Professor
Director of the Ecole Doctorale (Doctoral School) ‘Entreprises, Economie et Société’ (Companies, the Economy and Society)
Head of Master ‘Strategic Marketing’
Head of the Research Team of the Institut de Recherche en Gestion des Organisations (Institute of Management Research Organisations)

University of Bordeaux