Excelia continues to expand with the opening of a new campus in Tours.

Our campus in Tours

Excelia has opened a new campus in the beautiful city of Tours, in the heart of the Loire Valley. This expansion forms part of a plan to develop high quality management training, implanted in a culturally-rich and attractive region. After welcoming, in September 2019, the first students onto the Master in Management programme, the campus will welcome students onto the Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality Management programme and the Bachelor in Business programme, taught by teachers from Excelia.

Finding accommodation in Tours

Every student embarking on studies is confronted with the inevitable challenge of finding a place to live! And it’s not always a simple matter, especially when you don't know the city and you have a fixed budget.

Before doing anything else, make sure you have a look at Studapart – Excelia’s accommodation platform. In just a few clicks, this online tool will give you access to a wide range of rental accommodation. It's the perfect way to find the right accommodation in Tours, throughout France or even abroad! If you are already a student at Excelia, simply use your MyIntranet login to connect to the platform. If you have been accepted on one of our programmes, you will receive a link to be able to access Studapart when you finalise your enrolment.

Although the average cost for a student studio in Tours is about €400, a room in a private house is still the most affordable solution. For those on a limited budget, the CROUS Orléans-Tours is another good option to secure a room in a university residence at a very reasonable rent! In addition, there are organisations that provide financial assistance for housing: contact Loca-Pass and the CAF.

Another important aspect is the geographic location of the accommodation. If you are looking for a lively area, you should focus on the city centre. Very popular for its shops, bars and medieval streets, in 2018 the city came first in the ranking of the most dynamic city centres in France. Areas surrounding the city centre, such as Lakanal-Strasbourg, are also a good compromise.

If you would like to be near Excelia yet still stay close to the city centre, then concentrate your search on the Deux-Lions area. It has excellent transport links, with two tram stops, enabling you to reach the heart of the city in just fifteen minutes!

A student city par excellence

As the leading student hub in France’s Centre Region, every year Tours attracts some 30,000 students! Referred to as ‘Little Paris’, the city has so much appeal that you can’t fail to be charmed. Contrary to other major cities in France, the cost of living is not too high, so you can enjoy a good quality of life here without breaking the bank!


Tours: student city

With its 30,000 students, Tours has the largest student concentration in the Région Centre, and with its international outlook, it welcomes 3,000 foreign students every year. As a university city par excellence, its campus is spread over different sites: Les Tanneurs (Arts, Literature, Languages, Human Sciences), Grandmont (Science and Technology), Les Deux-Lions (Law, Economics and Social Sciences), Tonnellé (Medicine).

An attractive city, a student city, a connected city, a heritage city, a tourist and cultural city... Tours really is a ‘city on the move’ not only offering Excelia students a unique living environment which will help them succeed in their studies, but also providing them with the essential elements for embarking on their professional career.


Getting out and about

You will quickly discover that Tours is a very lively student city indeed! In the old town, you’ll find a variety of smaller shops (for afternoon shopping) and some great little restaurants where you can meet up with friends. With its half-timbered houses, bars and terraces, Place Plumereau is one of the busiest and most pleasant places in Tours... it’s not to be missed!

If you're a music enthusiast, head over to Temps Machine, a contemporary music venue that offers a varied programme of pop, rock, hip hop... and more! It's a great place to hang out in a friendly atmosphere! Numerous festivals are also organised in Tours, and there is no shortage of museums to keep you busy in your spare time: the Musée des Beaux-Arts (fine arts), le Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle (natural history), etc.


Tours… a city for sports

The city of Tours actively promotes and encourages involvement in sport, and organises some major sporting events such as the Marathon Touraine Loire Valley, the Paris-Tours cycle race and the Howard Hinton Sevens (the largest 7-a-side rugby tournament in France). With so many clubs and associations to get involved in, there's definitely something for everyone! Check out the SUAPS at the University of Tours which offers a Pack'Sport with no fewer than 70 different activities to choose from... aquagym, climbing, dancing, fencing, etc. Whether you're a beginner or an accomplished sportsperson, you'll definitely find something to suit you!

Tours: a beautiful city

As a dynamic and innovative city that is constantly on the move, Tours has been ranked as the sixth most attractive city in France by its residents! It combines all the necessary ingredients to attract students, businesses and tourists alike.


Tours: dynamic city

Often referred to as ‘Petit Paris’, Tours has a renowned historical and cultural heritage. With its châteaux, museums, parks and gardens, the city and its surrounding areas delight many thousands of tourists every year, who come to discover its history and natural beauty.

Its narrow medieval streets, filled with charming shops, enliven the centre of this city that, in 2018, achieved 1st place in the ranking of the most dynamic city centres in France. Located only 1 hour by TGV from Paris, the city has an excellent transport network (airport, motorways, tram lines, bus routes etc.) and offers many cultural and sporting activities.

Ever concerned about the environment, its conurbation, Tours Métropole Val de Loire, pursues a sustainable development policy through numerous positive initiatives such as fighting against food waste and protecting biodiversity. Ranked 5th in France for its soft transport, it offers 584 km of cycling routes.


A unique heritage

Situated in the heart of the Loire valley which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tours is above all known for its incredible historical heritage. Wander through the old town and immerse yourself in its history. Admire the half- timbered houses, Saint-Gatien cathedral, the Château de Tours, and Charlemagne tower with its exceptional views of medieval vestiges.  

It is impossible not to also mention the Loire Châteaux that are renowned throughout the world. These magnificent châteaux bear witness to a prestigious Royal history which today attracts thousands of tourists. A wealth of visits await you, to discover the architectural treasures, the fascinating history and the appeal of Chenonceau, Chambord, Villandry, and Chinon to name but a few!

You can also discover the troglodyte dwellings dug into the stone cliffs, which form part of the unique Touraine landscape!


An ideal geographical localisation

Nestled on the banks of the Loire and Cher rivers, Tours benefits from an ideal geographical location. As a veritable crossroads, it has great links to several major cities thanks to the motorway system that surrounds it. Angers, Nantes, Le Mans, and Orléans are just a few of the cities within easy reach. By taking the A10 motorway, La Rochelle can be reached in only 2 ¼  hours by car, making it easy to get to Excelia or to spend a weekend on the coast!

However, its main asset remains its proximity to Paris, which can be reached in less than 1 hour by TGV! There are numerous trains every day, ideal for carrying out an internship or work-study experience, or for simply enjoying a short break in the ‘City of Lights’!

If you dream of a short trip abroad, alone or with friends, it’s good to know that Tours Val de Loire airport, located to the North of the city, offers flights to several European cities! You can jet off to London, Dublin or Porto with flights of only a couple of hours!


Strong economic appeal

It is in the heart of an economically rich and dynamic region that Excelia has decided to develop a management training programme par excellence, offering students the best possible conditions to start their professional career.

As the region’s leading employment area, Tours Métropole Val de Loire continues to promote its economic development by a strategy built on its appeal. Also, as the leading local investor, not only does it support digital innovation and the creation of start-ups within the French Tech Loire Valley, but it also brings together all the key players in the region under a shared Tours Loire Valley brand.

With more then 20 000 businesses, a continually growing tourist industry, a highly efficient infrastructure, and as an important centre for research, Tours and its local region provide numerous job opportunities.




Bachelor in Business
Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality Management
Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management


Master / Masters of Science (MSc)

Master in Management
Master of Science in International Tourism and Destination Management
Master of Science (MSc) Sales Management
Master of Science (MSc) Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Master of Science (MSc) Marketing and Communications
Master of Science (MSc) Digital Marketing
Master of Science (MSc) Human Resources
Master of Science (MSc) Banking and Real Estate Management
Master of Science (MSc) Audit and Consultancy


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