Company-based internships and work-study possibilities offered by Excelia Group represent a valuable source of professional experience for you. They are a real springboard for your future career.


Internships and work-study opportunities… enhancing your employability


It is obvious that company-based internships are a means of acquiring valuable professional experience. They enable you to not only understand the different management methods and organisational approaches of companies and the issues and challenges they face, but also offer you the opportunity to build your professional profile with real practical experience. The competencies and expertise, acquired during the various internships that you carry out as part of your studies, will further enhance your employability.

At Excelia Group, internships form part of your studies from the outset of your programme. These experiences, lasting from one to six months, can be carried out in France or abroad… providing you with a great opportunity.

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A work-study track, whether carried out through an apprenticeship contract (“contrat d’apprentissage”), an employment contract (“contrat de professionnalisation”) or a work-study internship agreement (“une convention de stage alterné”) is a veritable launch pad for students at Excelia Group due to the fact that you are company-based for a period of 12 to 24 months.

Today, the work-study approach to learning is attracting great interest in the world of higher education, as it enables you to combine your theoretical knowledge with professional experience, via a perfectly adapted teaching format. Therefore, alongside the theoretical courses taught at the school, you will further develop your knowledge and interpersonal skills through regular contact with industry professionals. They are on hand to guide you, and you will regularly meet with them during your company-based internships.

These long periods of company-based immersion represent an undeniable advantage in terms of your education by adding a practical and professional dimension. These experiences will ensure that your chances of rapidly entering the job market are greatly increased.

At the end of their work-study contract, some of our students even receive offers of permanent employment by their host company.

The many advantages of opting for a work-study track… for YOU

  • you will find it easier to secure employment thanks to your company-based professional experience
  • you will earn money whilst studying for a qualification
  • you will be able to progressively develop your professional project
  • you will start to develop your professional network
  • you will have the opportunity to put theory into practice

… and for EMPLOYERS

  • they can develop new projects by strengthening their existing teams in line with a predefined schedule, approved by the company
  • they can recruit the ideal person, in line with the company’s needs and its culture
  • they can benefit from financial help to cover all or a part of the student’s programme fees through either financial assistance from a registered collection agency (OPCA – Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé), or through apprenticeship tax payments for which the company is liable