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Professional experiences Excelia

The work-study track and company-based internships included in Excelia programmes provide you with valuable professional experience and are a veritable springboard for your future employment.


Work-study and internships... boosting your employability

Work-study Track

As Excelia students, choosing to carry out your studies on a work-study track is the perfect launch pad for your career, as you will be working in a company for a period of 12 to 24 months. It can be carried out via an apprenticeship contract (contrat d’apprentissage), a professional training contract contract (contrat de professionnalisation) or a work-study internship agreement (convention de stage alterné).

Working at a suitably adapted pace will enable you to put the theory learned in lessons into practice, as you develop a range of skills and competencies by working closely with the business professionals who are there to support and guide you.

These periods of immersion in a company are an invaluable asset in terms of your professional development and will undoubtedly enhance your employability.

What is "Work-study"?

100% of our study programmes include the opportunity of a work-study track

Each year some 2200 professional training contracts and apprenticeship contracts are signed across the Bachelor, MSc and Master programmes (undergraduate and postgraduate) in the following sectors of activity:

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It goes without saying... internships are a valuable source of experience! They enable you to understand the management style and structure of the organisation as well as the challenges it faces, and, in addition, they provide you with the opportunity of developing your professional profile. Consequently, the skills and expertise that you will acquire during your various internships as part of your studies will greatly enhance your employability. At Excelia, internships are part of your studies right from Year 1 of the programmes. These company-based experiences last from 1 to 6 months and can be carried out in France or abroad. A veritable asset for you and your CV!

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The Entrepreneurial Greenhouse: support and guidance for Entrepreneurs

In 2018, the Excelia launched the Serre aux entrepreneurs (The Entrepreneurial Greenhouse), which is a pre-incubation support initiative for those with an entrepreneurial project and is also a means of strengthening the entrepreneurial culture of Excelia students. It promotes interdisciplinary and hybridisation practices. This initiative includes a pre-incubation space offer and an 8-week support programme. The Greenhouse has been designed as an experiential complement to the academic courses taught on the Schools' programmes.

It is also part of the local ecosystem that includes the city’s Technopole which encourages and supports innovation by assisting with project development and business creation. In addition, through the Technopole, La Rochelle’s higher education establishments can benefit from incubators, accelerators and ‘FabLab’ which is an innovative initiative focussing on the circular economy and eco-design.

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