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International Admissions Office

The multicultural team of the International Admissions Service works in France and around the globe via our international representatives.

Meet one of our representatives near you to plan for your future at Excelia 

Specially dedicated to international students, our teams are spread across the five continents… we not only have offices in La Rochelle, Tours, Orleans and Paris, but also in various other overseas locations!

To ensure that you settle in quickly and smoothly, our representatives provide individual, personalised follow-up from the very first time you contact them right up until graduation.

Come and meet our representatives! You can meet your local representative…

  • at student fairs held in each country 
  • at lectures or seminars
  • at orientation sessions organised in their offices, with individual face-to-face meetings


In just 2 clicks, make an online appointment to meet your local international representative!



Saloie AYADI
Saloie AYADI

Tel/WhatsApp: +33 614 283 498

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After a successful career at Altran (now Capgemini Engineering) where she worked as a Business Manager, Saloie Ayadi joined Excelia nine years ago as the group’s Development Manager for Northwest Africa. Initially responsible for promoting the group across the three principal Maghreb countries, for almost a year now, Saloie has been in charge of coordinating the international team, working with all the members of the international team as well as the teams on the ground. She maintains close links both with French and local institutions throughout the region.


Ikram Bouhadadi
Ikram Bouhadadi (Marrakech office)

Tel/WhatsApp: +212(0) 612 929 955

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As a Moroccan native, Ikram manages the Maghreb Zone for Excelia from the Ochre City of Marrakech. After several years in luxury travel retail, Ikram decided to put her savoir-faire and the wealth of her international experience at the service of students wishing to join Excelia. She offers coaching and personalised support to each student throughout the process, right up to their arrival on our campuses. Her motto… Your success is our success!


Ibrahima Faye Cote Ivoire Excelia
Ibrahima FAYE (Abidjan office)

Tel/WhatsApp: +225 077 134 200

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A Senegalese national, with a Bachelor in International Management, Ibrahima Faye has been our Business Development Manager for the African zone since 2018. His role is to develop the recruitment of international students within this zone, to boost Excelia’s portfolio and reputation in the region, to promote and develop the loyalty of the network of partners and to represent the group in Africa wherever the need arises. He also acts as an interface between prospects and Excelia’s Head Office, as well as between Excelia applicants and the Consular Services. He is a great listener and enjoys helping, advising… and taking up new challenges!


Willy Y Jefferson Kouakou
Willy Y. Jefferson KOUAKOU (Yaoundé office)

Tel/WhatsApp: +237 657 957 688

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Based in Yaoundé, Willy Y. Jefferson Kouakou is Excelia’s International Development Manager in Central Africa. Highly knowledgeable, he supports international students and the various stakeholders in choosing the right programme. He has extensive experience in countries such as Ivory Coast, the United States, Nigeria and now, Cameroon! He works within our Africa office and represents the group on a daily basis in his zone (Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon and the Central African Republic). His role also extends to forging institutional and business partnerships to offer students the best possible educational experience in France.



Fang Lin
Fang LIN (Beijing Office)

Tel.: +86-10-64610260 ext.237
Mob/WhatsApp: +86-13552325127

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A former student at Excelia in France, Fang Lin knows our school very well indeed, especially the international dimension as, during her studies, she carried out a number of internships in different countries around the world. Professional, dynamic and reactive, she enjoys helping and guiding international students to make their dream of studying in France come true. She is able to assist students at every stage of their project and with every step of the process. Furthermore, she has an extensive network of local partners throughout China, which ensures excellent communications. "International" is part of her DNA!


Suyog Patkar Excelia
Suyog PATKAR (Mumbai Office)

Tel/WhatsApp: +91 9 767 841 599

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Based in Mumbai, Suyog has been responsible for Excelia’s international development in India since 2018, having worked for several years in sales and marketing in the world of training. The international arena has always been his forte. The process of applying for and obtaining visas is second nature for Suyog, and he takes the time to ensure each student looking to join Excelia makes the right choices. He is committed to accompanying each student individually throughout the process until their successful enrolment and arrival in France.



Agung-Ridwan SYAHPUTRA Europe Excelia
Agung-Ridwan SYAHPUTRA (La Rochelle office)

Tel: +33 (0) 516 196 394
Mob/WhatsApp: +33 (0) 686 215 365

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Originally from Bali, Indonesia, Agung Syahputra is our International Development Officer for Europe and Asia (excluding China). A graduate of our BBA International programme, he assists students with their academic and professional projects. Based in La Rochelle, his duties include representing the school at international events and working with stakeholders in his geographical zone of responsibility to promote higher education in France, more specifically at Excelia!

French West Indies-Americas

French West Indies-Americas

Cecile Maury Excelia Antilles USA
Cécile MAURY (Martinique Office)

Tel/WhatsApp: +33 (0) 664 696 275

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Based in Martinique, Cécile Maury has been responsible for Excelia’s development in the Antilles and the Americas for the past 6 years. Originally from Lyon, Cécile has travelled all over the world during the course of her career. After obtaining a Masters in Communications, she spent a year as an expatriate at the University of Laval in Quebec before returning to France to work as a Communications Manager in a major company, where she spent 10 years. Cécile then went back to university to obtain a Masters in French as a Foreign Language and went on to teach French as a Foreign Language and English in Lyon, Hong Kong and the USA. She then moved back to Lyon, where she set up her own company offering training courses for professionals. A dynamic and knowledgeable professional, Cécile will certainly be able to guide you in making the right choice for your future.


For any questions regarding administrative procedures, please contact:

Head of International Admissions



Bénédicte Julien

Tel. : +33 (0)5 46 51 77 71
Mob. / WhatsApp / Viber : +33 (0)6 86 16 78 21

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Assistant of International Admissions


Karine Perruche

Tel. : +33 (0)5 16 19 63 23
Mob./WhatsApp: +33 (0)6 17 90 38 44

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Exchange students: if you are an exchange student, please contact our International Relations Office.