Chairs, Agreements and Contracts

Chairs, Agreements and Contracts
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The Chairs

Several Chairs are currently hosted within the Institute for Sustainability through Innovation, as well as within the area of Sustainable Development and CSR.


  • Social Responsibility Engineering through Innovation: This Chair aims to analyse organisations and support them in the operational implementation of sustainable initiatives, either generally (in particular, according to ISO 26000 guidelines) or in terms of specific projects (training, diversity, logistics, optimisation, energy transition etc.). This Chair is the result of the merger of four previous Chairs: ‘Social Responsibility and ISO 26000’, ‘Transport and Sustainable Development’, ‘Energy Transition’ and ‘Diversity’. Within this Chair, researchers and organisations co-develop the principle steps of a CSR approach, generally using a project approach and research-intervention methodology.
  • Performance – Evaluation and Assessment: This Chair aims to create, develop, adapt and analyse new models, tools and solutions that enable organisations to develop and report on their sustainable approaches. This Chair focusses on extended accounting, management control and extra-financial reporting. It also involves all the management tools that enable a better understanding and control of CSR issues (in terms of HR, the environment, the supply chain etc.). Once again, research-intervention is the most frequently used methodology.

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