Areas of

For Excelia Group, research is a top priority as it ensures knowledge and skills remain up-to-date, stimulates innovation and can be utilised by the corporate world.

Research activity is an integral part of our Group’s pedagogy. For many years, research has not only been contributing to the Group’s skills and competences but has permeated its programmes and courses and has contributed to the Group’s reputation on both a national and international level.

Research… a priority for the Group


The objectives of research carried out by Excelia Group are as follows:

  • to participate in the production and dissemination of research work within the scientific communities on a national and international level
  • to contribute to the transfer of the most innovative and advanced knowledge in the field of management, and its pertinence for both students and companies (action research, consulting, executive education, professional conferences etc.)
  • to further enhance the credibility of the Group’s positioning and the unique, outstanding programmes and courses it offers, in particular in its two areas of expertise… tourism management and sustainable development
  • to ensure that course content is both relevant, continually reviewed and updated in accordance with the Group’s educational mission and in line with the needs of today’s companies
  • to enable future graduates to acquire analytical, investigative and problem-solving skills in a rigorous methodological and conceptual environment

Through monitoring, constantly updating and reviewing our practices and knowledge, research develops and improves the skills of the Faculty as well as the different courses and programmes offered. The resulting innovative pedagogy contributes to responsible management teaching and enhances our students’ employability.

This scientific research also makes it possible to provide partner companies with valuable monitoring processes and to keep their knowledge up-to-date.


To increase its sphere of influence and effectiveness, Excelia Group has developed numerous collaborations with other research laboratories, universities and companies. Similarly, organising an event of a scientific nature, such as a conference or symposium, usually requires a partner (an academic society, a publishing house, a company etc.) in order to increase its influence and ensure its success.


Local and Regional

The University of La Rochelle is a natural local partner, due to its close proximity. In terms of research, we are associated through an ‘executive agreement’ based on collaborations and exchanges of competences.
CEREGE is the joint management science research laboratory of the University of Poitiers and the University of La Rochelle. Bringing players together, it has a leading role in the scientific research of management science within the regional education authority of Poitiers.
In recent years, the collaboration between the research teams of our Group and those of the EIGSI La Rochelle General Engineering School La Rochelle has been strengthened.



In the field of tourism, Excelia Group maintains a dynamic partnership with the IMIS-ESTHUA at the University of Angers.
The Group is a board member of the two national academic associations in the field of sustainable development and CSR: ADERSE and RIODD.



To be able to offer its students the opportunity to carry out a part of their academic studies abroad, Excelia Group has established more than one hundred exchange partnerships, some of which contain a research clause. Our objective of fostering research in specific fields, particularly in tourism and CSR, has spurred us on to further develop these links.
The ESG UQÀM, the school of management science at the ‘Université du Québec à Montréal’, is an esteemed partner, notably in the area of tourism research.
In collaboration with its various partners, the Group regularly organises and hosts national and international symposia.