Humacité Excelia

Humacité© is a part of all Excelia programmes and requires you to undertake a personal project of a social and humanitarian nature.

Whether you choose to carry out your project in France or elsewhere in the world, this unique experience will enable you to develop human values that will be an asset for your future life.

Humanitarian Volunteering Projects

Humacité©, as an innovation in higher education, has become synonymous with the outstanding quality of the programmes offered by the Group. Unique in their duration and their emphasis on personal commitment, these Humacité© projects reflect the Group’s desire to offer a rare and exceptional learning experience.

As an integral part of our programmes, this educational tool offers you the opportunity to become actively involved in a community project. Once you have chosen your project, you will spend several weeks helping those in need. These projects focus on social assistance, support, community activities, training or education and will be, for you, a unique opportunity to see the world from a different angle.

“Whether in France or abroad, by undertaking a Humacité© project to help those in need, students’ lives are enriched with human values that will prove inestimable throughout their personal and professional lives,” states Sophie Pauget, Head of Humacité© at Excelia.


Learning to surpass yourself

If you decide to carry out your Humacité© project in France, you will not only discover the magnitude and diversity of associations in our country but also appreciate the importance of the help and assistance you provide to those facing difficulties in their daily lives. “To give you an example, students who decide to help a community project such as Emmaüs are always affected by the importance of human contact and social interaction for those with a complicated past”, adds Sophie Pauget.

Humacité© can also mean carrying out a humanitarian project abroad, where you will be an ambassador for your country and for Excelia. If you choose Asia, where almost half of the Humacité© projects are carried out, you will have the unique opportunity of becoming involved in a most worthy and important cause… helping and supporting children and the youth.

Whatever your choice of destination, Humacité© will help you enhance your sense of commitment and your ability to be an actor of change, as well as developing your adaptability. 

“More than 600 students agreed to participate by evaluating their projects both before and after. The results confirmed that students develop a greater belief in their ability to interact positively in a complex environment and improve their capacity for benevolence and altruism,” noted Sophie Pauget proudly.

Every year, some students leave their ‘comfort zone’ to experience how others live, to learn important lessons in life and, in doing so, to push themselves beyond their limits.

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