International Students

Looking to study in our wonderful country? We will offer you a very warm welcome... from your initial visit to this website right up until your arrival in France, and even afterwards. This is our goal and our commitment to you at Excelia.

We will guide you through each step of your decision process and help you in your search for the right study path, starting with a complete look at the programmes we offer. We will be there to assist you, not only before your enrolment but also at the time of your arrival in France, providing you with a personal welcome and helping you to settle in. If you need assistance with applying for your visa, finding accommodation, registering for the disability scheme or any other administrative procedure, rest assured, help is at hand! Dedicated personnel, including representatives throughout the world, an Admissions team, as well as students from your home country, will provide you with personal support. Our current students and graduates speak very highly of these support teams, so make the most of their expert knowledge and assistance!

My job is totally about others!
You have to do something that really interests you, something that excites you
If you are attracted by the world of tourism, if you like challenges on a daily basis, working in a team, living in a community... then the Bachelor in Tourism and Hotel Management is definitely for…
The preparation for the Cap Anglophone project was also very thorough. Our teacher is a very good listener and she provided support before, during and after this project.
Thanks to Excelia, I learned how to manage a team, to prioritise and to work in a group... skills I wouldn’t have learned if I had decided to do a post-High School preparatory class.