" The BBA programme regularly provides students with the opportunity of discovering new environments. "
BBA International


Anne Charron - Leadership Development Director, Ubisoft 

Thibaud Ades - Managing Director, Michael Page


anne charron & thibaud adesDeveloping skills and competencies

Being challenged, at an early age, by situations that require adaptability skills is a major advantage as much on an academic and social level as on a professional one. The BBA programme regularly provides students with the opportunity of discovering new environments. These situations enable them to develop a variety of skills such as the ability to adapt, to integrate and to be self-confident which are genuine assets when embarking upon a career.

Nowadays, the primary competencies needed are adaptation, leadership, complexity management, resilience and interpersonal skills. In terms of job performance and career progression it is clear that, today, the emphasis is as much (or even more so) on Soft Skills as on Hard Skills. The BBA enables you to really take advantage of every opportunity to develop these skills!


A "School of life"

We headed abroad as ‘fresh undergraduates’ and came back as ‘adults’. We met a wealth of different people, we dealt with a diversity of situations including managing a number of quite difficult ones… In short, we were incredibly proud of having spent time outside our comfort zone and of having matured. Our flexibility and our capacity for intercultural adaptation have enabled us to take up positions in General Management.

In our private life too, we have learned to adapt… we live between Paris and Brussels. We now know everything there is to know about Thalys trains!


Advantages of the BBA International

So many relationships and friendships are made during this period of your life! One of the great strengths of the programme is the diversity of student profiles, the different aspirations and the variety of courses. It’s been 15 years since our graduation and today, our fellow classmates have become humanitarians, HR directors, startuppers, financial managers, entrepreneurs, sales managers, interior designers... The BBA enabled us to reveal our potential and gave us the keys and the desire to create our own destiny !