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Since 1988, Excelia has been established in La Rochelle, offering high quality educational programmes. As a triple accredited establishment, Excelia pursues its mission of providing initial and continuing education, undertaking primary and applied research, while contributing to the national and international reputation of its region.


  • Our campus in La Rochelle, a dynamic city full of life

Since 1988, Excelia has been developing its activities in La Rochelle.

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, in close proximity to three islands (Île de Ré, Île d'Oléron and Île d'Aix) and within the triangle of the three major cities of Nantes, Paris and Bordeaux, La Rochelle offers a wealth of tourist attractions and economic opportunities. It’s also a city where life is good, as testified by local residents who describe it as “green and peaceful”. Indeed, La Rochelle and the whole of Charente-Maritime are very conscious of their environmental footprint.

It’s certainly a tourist city, but it’s also a dynamic one, all year round, thanks to some 10,000 students in the schools and universities in the Minimes area, where Excelia is located and whose campus accounts for almost half of these students!

The La Rochelle conurbation also combines economic dynamism with job creation. From the marine industry to the agri-food sector, from information and communication technologies to tourism and transport, more than 12,000 companies and public institutions help shape the local economic fabric. La Rochelle is a great city to study and live in, and offers French and international students alike every chance of success, with great career prospects.

The city fosters the art of living together in harmony and works hard to strengthen solidarity between citizens. It remains, above all, a place with a relaxed atmosphere in a safe environment.

La Rochelle has long been considered a beautiful and innovative city, but it is also a popular place to study in, attracting more and more students to the university campus, of which Excelia is one of the leading players. For thirty years now, Excelia has been established in the Minimes district, offering ideal study conditions to its students, year on year. In fact, many start-ups have also taken up residence here. As home to an ever-growing student population, where all types of programmes, training courses and foundation programmes can be found, the Minimes offers an ideal setting for the connected generation.


  • Life on campus 


La Rochelle is a pioneer in environmental protection and encourages the use of soft modes of transport. Its efficient transport network makes it easy to discover the city and to visit the local area.


Yélo transport network 

The Yélo network combines all modes of transport in the conurbation (bus, bicycle, boat, train). Several types of travel pass are available, depending on your needs, which you can purchase online.

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One of the great advantages of La Rochelle is that it is a medium-sized city that is close to several major cities. The capital is only 2 hours 40 mins by TGV, whilst Tours and the sublime Loire Châteaux are a mere 2 hours 20 mins away. For destinations a little closer to home, Nantes and Bordeaux are two great cities to visit. Both are less than 2 hours away and make for a great weekend getaway from La Rochelle!

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 La Rochelle by bike

La Rochelle is a must for cycling enthusiasts. The city has more than 230 km of cycle routes, making it the perfect place for those who enjoy discovering a city by bike. Explore the old town with its winding streets, on your own or with friends… a veritable visual feast! Whether you choose to ride near the Historic Port, by the beach or through one of the city's many parks, you’ll enjoy the pleasant and friendly environment. Several places worth a visit include Charruyer Park, Saint-Louis Cathedral, Concurrence beach and the Marans Canal... Charente-Maritime with its wonderful and varied landscape has many surprises in store for you!

La Rochelle has 4,800 bicycle parking spaces, secure bike parking in the vélo parcs and numerous cycle routes criss-crossing the city. The Yélo transport network has two bike hire offers: self-service and long-term.

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jvmalin is a platform for planning your itinerary that takes into account the different transport networks available in the region. It also offers  a single combined travel card for the various networks in the New Aquitaine region, using the different modes of transport. You can credit this card with different tickets from across the different networks.

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University Restaurants (RU)

The CROUS operates 4 catering facilities. They are all located near the campus. In addition to the CROUS restaurants, there are many restaurants around the campus and the Minimes port.

  • So What ?, 15 rue Vaux de Foletier (close to the IUT)
  • Brasserie Antinéa, 15 rue François de Vaux de Foletier (close to the IUT)
  • RU République, 90 boulevard de la République (close to the Faculté de Droit)
  • RU Amerigo Vespucci, Rue du Loup Marin (close to the F.L.A.S.H. and the Maison de l’étudiant)

You can also order food trays outside the restaurants’ opening hours by clicking here


Every student embarking on studies is confronted with the inevitable challenge of finding a place to live! And it’s not always a simple matter, especially when you don’t know the city and you have a fixed budget.

Another important aspect is the geographic location of the accommodation. If you’re looking for a lively area, you should focus on the city centre. Areas surrounding the centre such as the Minimes, the Gabut and Tasdon are also a good compromise.

If you would like to be near Excelia yet still stay close to the city centre, then concentrate your search on the districts of Tasdon and the Minimes


 Excelia accommodation platform 

If you are already a student at Excelia, simply use your MyIntranet login to connect to the Studapart accommodation platform. If you have been accepted on one of our programmes, you will receive a link to be able to access Studapart when you finalise your enrolment, which will give you access to hundreds of exclusive offers: studios, shared flats, rooms in private homes, etc. and you will benefit from personalised support throughout your rental period!

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 University residences

The Crous of Poitiers has six university residences on the La Rochelle campus which will enable you to find accommodation at affordable prices.

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CLLAJ17 - Comité Local pour le Logement Autonome des Jeunes 

The CLLAJ17 is a local association providing information on housing for young adults. It is an association governed by the French law of 1901 whose objective is to assist all young adults, aged 16 to 30, in their search for accommodation.


The association offers a welcome service for young adults, providing them with information, guidance and support in their search for accommodation. It has a selection of accommodation offers and ensures its assistance is adapted to the individual needs of each and every young adult.

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ARHPEJ - Association Rochelaise d'Hébergement pour les Etudiants et les Jeunes

The ARHPEJ is a La Rochelle association, governed according to the French law of 1901, offering accommodation for students and young adults. It manages 4 residences comprising a total of 640 student flats, located in the heart of the university campus, close to the city centre and historic port.

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To find out more about accommodation and possible help available (financial assistance, guarantees etc.), go to our dedicated page:


Culture and entertainment

Each year, to welcome new students, the Communauté d'Agglomération de La Rochelle organises ‘La Rochelle Student Bay’ in partnership with the University, La Sirène, EIGSI and Excelia. The objective… to have fun and meet new people! A great way to give you a taster of what La Rochelle has in store!

If you like to go out for a drink or to party, one area which is very popular with students, is the Historic Port. With its charming little terraces, a multitude of small restaurants and friendly bars, you’ll have a great time with friends!

Some of the other most popular places for students include La Guignette, a veritable La Rochelle institution, and La Belle du Gabut with its cabaret atmosphere… two places not to be missed where you’re sure to have a memorable time!


 Le Pass Culture - Entertainment and culture advantage card 

With more than 20 partnership venues offering over 300 shows at preferential rates throughout the year, the Pass Culture is free for students under 30, enrolled at Excelia.

This Pass is the essential key to: The Francofolies French music festival, La Rochelle International Film Festival, the Fiction Festival, the International Adventure Film and Book Festival, La Rochelle Jazz Festival, the Sunny Side of the Doc (international documentary film festival), the Grand Pavois boat show and many other events.



La Sirène

As a student in La Rochelle, you can’t miss the many cultural venues that are scattered around the city, such as La Sirène. This former grain store, now entirely dedicated to contemporary music, houses a concert hall with an eclectic programme, and rehearsal studios open even to budding artists (by reservation only). In an industrial structure that gives the place a certain charm, you can enjoy some real musical gems!

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If you’re a music lover, you won’t want to miss the famous Francofolies music festival which takes place every year in July near the Historic Port. In an incredible setting, the entire Francophone music scene rocks the city and its 150,000 festival-goers. Five days of concerts, dozens of artists, and a real festive atmosphere!

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 La Coursive

La Coursive is La Rochelle’s national theatre. It hosts over 80 shows per season with 160 performances of circus, theatre, dance and music. La Coursive has three theatres: Le Grand Théâtre (997 seats), Le Théâtre Verdière (385 seats) and La Salle Bleue (271 seats).

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Clubs and Associations

With its 50 clubs and associations, Excelia offers you the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences that will have a lasting impact on your student life. As an integral element of each programme, commitment to community projects is an important part of your education. It will not only allow you to develop skills that are essential in a company but also to develop on a personal level. Whether you are drawn to the media, the arts, sport or humanitarian work, you are bound to find something to suit you! Contact the School Services Office (BDE), where you will find all the important information.

Also, take the time to visit La Maison des étudiants. With its performance hall, exhibition space and rehearsal room, its Espace Culture promotes creativity and offers free artistic and cultural workshops to all students.


 With Suapse, the University of La Rochelle offers its students access to more than 40 sports and leisure activities. As an Excelia student, you too can benefit from this service. Simply register with the University of La Rochelle to obtain your membership card and choose the sport which appeals to you most: handball, basketball, climbing, swimming, weight training, sea rowing, dance, rugby, etc.

To liven up the university year, Suapse also organises numerous events designed to bring students together around the world of sport. The Green Day, Volleyball Night, Badminton Night and the end-of-year cruise are all events in which you can participate in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, La Rochelle has lovely beaches and a mild, temperate climate that make it an ideal playground for both professional and amateur sportspersons. Whether you are interested in sailing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddle, boating or jet skiing, you will find many clubs and associations offering specialised courses and training.


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