Why the place of Humans in the Excelia Metaverse is crucial !

Metaverse Excelia la place de l'humain

We’re not looking to replace the campus with the Metaverse… quite the opposite!
In fact, focussing on the ‘human’ element in the Metaverse is not an option, but an absolute necessity.


If we are to capitalise fully on the benefits and opportunities of the Metaverse, we need to design positive experiences for learners and Faculty.

For Anthony Hié, Chief Digital Officer at Excelia, the Metaverse is there to serve people, not the other way around. 

It would be a great mistake not to consider the human element in the design of our Metaverse.
The place of humans is crucial if we want to invent a Metaverse that benefits education.

The challenge of Excelia is not to become a virtual campus but to put humans at the heart of educational excellence.

Anthony Hié

The added value of the Metaverse in education is created by real people ! Reinventing the learner experience with immersive training can only be done by staying focussed on the human element. At Excelia, we want to create quality educational content based on immersive learning experiences that are constantly geared towards student success. The Metaverse does not replace real life nor the physical campus. Rest assured that that we are not going to create educational programmes entirely using the Metaverse… that would be sheer madness ! The immersive 3D experiences in the Metaverse will complement and, above all, enrich the traditional curriculum and will in no way compete with the real world. The idea is to offer multi-format training initiatives. The Metaverse is a complement, just one more pedagogical tool amongst others.


  •  At Excelia, the Metaverse will enhance the human experience, not replace it

Yes, although it may seem contradictory to say that humans have a place in the Metaverse, that is the reality of it. So how come?

  • The immersive experiences that we will offer our students and Faculty will always focus on the skills to be acquired and academic success, and pedagogical objectives will be well defined at the outset.
  • The Metaverse will allow us to incorporate an element of fun and interactivity into the learning process and will therefore strengthen the social relationship between students and teachers.
  • The Metaverse can enhance the human experience in an e-learning or remote working scenario. Instead of working alone, students will work together and interact. Experiences within the Metaverse are ultimately much more human than in a videoconference because in a virtual environment, all participants have to perform, interact, reflect, and make decisions. During a videoconference, it’s easy to switch off and to be distracted by others.
  • The Metaverse is a community in which each person has a role to play and is useful to others.


According to a study carried out in July 2021 by Wunderman Thompson Data, 78% of Generation Z believe that the Metaverse can create a more equitable and inclusive society.

inclusion metaverse exceliaIf we want the Metaverse to contribute to educational excellence at Excelia, then ethics must be a priority.

The Metaverse may raise ethical issues such as data protection. This is why Excelia wanted to create its own Metaverse, ‘XL Metaverse’, rather than using the Facebook version (Horizon Worlds). Ethics is of utmost priority, to be tackled in parallel, because we want to control our personal data and protect that of our students and teachers… this is very important.


The 4 cornerstones of ethics at Excelia :


#1 Excellence

Excelia’s ambition is to become the leader in immersive learning and to create immersive experiences based on excellence: Excelia LAB, Metaverse-accredited trainers, instructional designers. Education in the Metaverse necessitates resources to upgrade our digital equipment and revise our infrastructure. It is essential for us that our students are well equipped with virtual reality glasses and 3D headsets as well as various other new tools.


#2 Data security and privacy

We want to control the personal data of all contributors. Therefore, we are putting in place processes to ensure better control of the identity of our Metaverse users and the highest possible confidentiality of the information and data exchanged on our platform. The educational equipment is of high quality to guarantee that students benefit from safe human social interaction.


#3 Innovation

In order to make full use of the potential of the Metaverse in education, we are convinced that an innovative and bold pedagogical approach is needed to successfully create digital solutions and content exclusively for our Metaverse environment. To achieve this, we need all the skills the school has to offer.


#4 Regulatory compliance

Naturally, we check the regulatory compliance of our Metaverse on a daily basis, so that it is hosted in a completely secure environment.

As you have no doubt understood, we want an XL Metaverse in which our students, our teachers, our internal teams and our external consultants have a key role to play and are actively involved in creating new educational experiences.

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