Why choose to study in English, in France?


In French higher education establishments, the number of study programmes taught in English is steadily increasing year on year. Excelia is a perfect example, offering 5 programmes that are taught 100% in English.

From the first year of a Bachelor to the final year of a Master, lessons are given in English by native, international lecturers. Studying in English in France will allow you to benefit from the excellence of French education, with internationally recognised qualifications, whilst at the same time discovering the French culture and the French way of life. If you are an English or French-speaking international student convinced that joining a programme that is taught 100% in English will be a valuable asset for your future career then you have come to the right place! Welcome to Excelia! 

Why come to France to study in English when you are already an English speaker? 

If the idea of coming to France to pursue your higher education in English appeals to you, then choosing an English Track at Excelia offers many advantages!

  • You will discover all about French culture and the ‘art de vivre’, the art of living French style!

France is not only renowned for its art of living, its gastronomy and its culture but also for its hospitality. For English-speaking students coming to study in France on a programme taught in English is an opportunity to be immersed in the French culture more rapidly and easily, whilst learning or mastering the French language! The ‘French experience’ for an international English-speaking student is extremely rewarding. For example, studying tourism in the world’s No. 1 tourist destination is a clear advantage when it comes to taking up positions of responsibility in major international hotel chains. For those students who wish to experience several French regions, Excelia offers multi-campus programmes that provide more opportunities to discover France, its diversity, and the specificities of its regions.

  • You benefit from a bilingual and international study environment

When choosing an Excelia programme taught 100% in English, you preserve your language of study (English), and are immersed in a multicultural and cosmopolitan world as you learn or master a second language (French). French is the second official working language of the European Union, and one of the six official languages of the UN and of most international organisations. Another advantage is that you don’t need to speak French when you arrive at Excelia to join an English Track. You will learn it once you are here, through contact with French students and during your various activities and travels.

  • You are taught by international lecturers

Students who join an Excelia programme on a 100% English Track are taught by lecturers who come from all over the world, including research-active Faculty, PhD Professors and industry professionals who hold positions of responsibility in major companies. Thanks to the richness of the teaching provided by Excelia’s international lecturers, you will develop your curiosity, your openness to the world and your international professional network.

  • You will learn about French management and business practices

If you are looking to become an entrepreneur and also develop your business in France, knowing the specifics of French management will be a major asset.


3 good reasons for a French speaker to study in English, in France 

If you are a French-speaking international student and want to carry out your higher education studies in English, why study in France?
Here are 3 good reasons for a French-speaker to choose an Excelia programme offered on an English Track!

  • You are immersed in an extremely stimulating cosmopolitan environment

The classes for the 100% English Track are mainly composed of international students. You will be immersed in a multicultural environment which will help you to develop your adaptation skills and your understanding of the world… in the classroom, you will be speaking English whereas outside the classroom and off campus, you will be speaking French! In this way you will be improving your English language skills without losing your French. English Tracks are complemented by internships, academic expatriation, and projects abroad throughout the programme.

  • You learn in a new and different language environment whilst living in France

A sudden change of language environment can sometimes lead to failure if a student is not suitably welcomed or well supported in the host country. The English Tracks offered by Excelia allow you to study in English yet remain in a familiar language environment. You will have the opportunity to go abroad for 4 - 5 days on a ‘Learning Expedition’, giving you a first valuable international experience within the programme, before undertaking a long period of academic expatriation. And if learning English proves difficult and not as quick to master as you had imagined, you can take advantage of our language experts to help you strengthen your English skills at any time.

  • Being bilingual opens up doors to the international market and allows you to differentiate yourself from thousands of other candidates

With English being the predominant language today in the world of business, tourism and technology, being bilingual is a major asset for your career and your CV. With two languages, you will have a greater chance of gaining access to positions of responsibility, finding a job more easily and earning a higher salary. And, if you want to set up your own business, English is THE language of choice!

Another important advantage, whether you are an English or a French speaker, is that studying in France is less expensive than in English-speaking countries such as England, the United States or Australia.


Excelia offers 2 financial incentive schemes to non-French students choosing an English Track

Early Payment Discount 
International students who complete the entire admissions procedure by the specified deadlines can take advantage of a 5% discount on Year 1 tuition fees!

Academic Merit Scholarship 
This scholarship is awarded to international students who can demonstrate outstanding academic performance with an impressive track record, extensive extracurricular activities, a clear career goal and a strong desire to invest their time in the school. The amount of the scholarship equates to a €2,000 reduction in Year 1 tuition fees.

Decisions for the granting of the Academic Merit Scholarship are taken by an Excelia review panel and are based on a candidate’s application and motivation.

English Tracks: 5 Excelia programmes offered 100% in English

  1. BBA International 
    This international Bachelor in Business Administration is a post-High school programme that follows the tradition of the Anglo-Saxon Bachelor with Honours programme. It is a four-year programme with two years of study in France and two years abroad. It trains students to become future managers or entrepreneurs specialising in international business. The Faculty of the BBA International is made up of French and international lecturers recognised for their strong expertise in the fields of management and geopolitics. The BBA International has been awarded the triple accreditation EQUIS, AACSB and CEFDG.
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  2. Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management
    This 3-year programme educates students to become operational and versatile managers capable of overseeing all aspects of an international tourism project. It offers a global approach to the tourism sector and its professions, with the possibility of a personalised pathway and multiple specialisations.
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  3. Master in Management 
    This flagship programme educates students to become managers capable of operating in complex international environments. An international focus is at the very heart of the programme. This triple-accredited Master is offered by Excelia Business School which is part of the 1% of the world’s elite group of Business Schools boasting this ‘Triple Crown’.
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  4. MSc in International Tourism and Destination Management 
    This highly specialised 15-month programme leads to a Master of Science qualification, equivalent to 5 years of post-High School education. The aim of this programme is to educate future managers who can master all the operational and strategic elements needed to understand the international tourism industry.
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  5. MSc in Business Management
    These programmes educate students to become future managers capable of supporting companies in the development of their international business operations (Import-Export, Marketing, International Logistics, Marketing, Finance, Luxury, etc.). These are 15-month programmes, starting in September and ending in December of the following year.
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There you have it… the opportunities are there for the taking! 
All that’s left to do is to complete your application, get ready your personal interview and prepare for the visa process!

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