Omar Eyad - student on our Tours Campus

Bachelor in Business


Omar Eyad ExceliaTell us a little about yourself

My name is Omar Eyad and I am Egyptian. I am trilingual, proficient in French, English and Arabic, both spoken and written. I hold an International Baccalaureate (IB) from the Oasis International School in Cairo. One of my favourite subjects at school was Business Management, which is what motivated me to join Excelia Business School. I enjoy sports and try to train regularly, maintaining a balance between sport and studies without neglecting my hobbies which are reading, travelling and listening to music.





What did you do before joining Excelia?

Prior to joining Excelia, I attended Oasis International School in Egypt where I obtained an International Baccalaureate (IB) with a final mark of 36/45. I studied Business Management as a main subject at school which has helped me a lot during the various internships I have done. It helped me to understand Finance, Marketing and Human Resources.

Throughout my school life, I participated in a variety of activities, the most significant being at the Oasis International School where I was the head of the ‘Drugs and Crime Committee’ for the NGO Geneva International Model United Nations. Here, I had the opportunity to manage several groups of students, which allowed me to acquire leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.

I was involved in various community projects such as a literacy campaign for the staff of a public school in Egypt. I also took part in a marathon organised by UNICEF to raise money to bring a drinking water supply to poor villages. I participated in a fundraiser to help the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, as well as the creation of a cartoon video for sick children.


Tell us about your studies at Excelia

I recently finished my first year of the Bachelor in Business at Excelia Business School. Throughout this year, I acquired a lot of academic knowledge in Finance, Marketing and Human Resources which will be crucial for my future professional career. I also improved my hard skills thanks notably to the lessons in ‘Management Information Systems using Excel’, which enabled me to master Excel and helped me with my other business management lessons.


As an Egyptian, why did you choose to study in France?

Throughout my schooling at the Oasis International School in Cairo, everything was in French. I have always enjoyed studying under teachers of different nationalities, especially French ones. I chose France because the education is based on theory as well as practice. You have access to the various tools and technologies essential for the different sectors of activity. France offers high quality education and gives international students the same opportunities as French students. Furthermore, as the programmes are recognised in Egypt, I knew studying in France wouldn’t be an obstacle for my future career. The fact that France is ranked as the 4th most popular destination in the world for international students also motivated me to become part of this community.

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Why did you choose Excelia Business School and this particular programme?

I chose Excelia Business School based on several important criteria. First of all, Excelia’s Bachelor in Business has been ranked 2nd out of 40 in the L’Etudiant ranking of the Best Bachelors in France, and secondly Excelia has been ranked amongst the top 50 best Business Schools in the world by the Financial Times.

In addition, at Excelia there are many international students which gives you the opportunity to get to know other cultures, customs, etc.

What’s more, Excelia holds a triple accreditation which is testament to the quality of the programmes offered and provides many advantages, both academic and professional.

Another important criterion is the fact that the programme is State-certified offering excellent career opportunities, in both the private and public sector.

On another level, I believe that Excelia will enable me to live many new experiences and to acquire important soft skills in communication, cooperation, teamwork, etc. thanks to the lessons in oral and written communication. The different languages offered will help to strengthen my existing knowledge and will be an asset for my future career, as will the acquisition of hard skills (mastering Excel, understanding graphs, etc.).

Last but not least, I found the number of experiences offered in France and abroad through internships, expatriations and the Humacité© project most appealing!


Are you satisfied with the programme so far? Has it met your expectations?

Absolutely! I’m totally satisfied with the programme in terms of academic teaching. The School has put in place an experienced professional teaching team which corresponds exactly to my requirements in the field of management. The School also provides important help and guidance for all students, and additional support for international students.


What are your plans during and after your Bachelor in Business?

Thanks to this Bachelor in Business, I hope to acquire new business knowledge and skills in management and analysis. For Year 1, my objective was to complete an internship so at the moment I am working at Crédit Agricole in Cairo.

My objective for Year 2 is to carry out a semester of expatriation in the Netherlands, in order to enjoy a new learning experience and to further develop as a person. I will also be undertaking another internship, either in France or another European country, also in the field of banking.

In Year 3, I would like to specialise in the field of Banking and Insurance and continue the programme on a work-study track, which will help me to put my knowledge into practice in a real company environment.

After the Bachelor, I think that I will continue my academic career within Excelia and undertake a Master specialising in the field of Banking and Real Estate Management or in Audit and Consultancy.


You’re studying on our Tours Campus… what do you think of it?

It’s an interesting and dynamic place to study with a strong technological infrastructure, facilitating the transmission of information and knowledge. Furthermore, it’s in a lively city, with all local services nearby.

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Do you like the city? Did you have any problems when you arrived there?

Tours is a very attractive and lively city that has everything a student needs in terms of services and it also offers a calm atmosphere in which to study. The guide, which the school supplies to international students, really helped me with my arrival, admin procedures, and everyday life in France.


Tell us more about your expatriation… is there any particular reason why you have chosen the Netherlands?

I did some research and I learned that higher education in the Netherlands is ranked 7th among the best educational systems in the world. Also, they use innovative technological methods in teaching which will allow me to benefit from a high-quality education equivalent to that of Excelia. In addition, the programme will be in English which will enable me to strengthen my language skills and be ready for the world of work. The Netherlands is a country with more than 160 nationalities, which creates a rich multicultural environment.

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What do you imagine this expatriation will be like?

I think it will be an excellent experience that will allow me to develop my knowledge in the field of business and management whilst at the same time building relationships with other international students.


What do you like doing when you’re not studying?

I like doing sport, particularly weight training and football. I also enjoy listening to music, reading, and watching football matches, especially those featuring the Egyptian player, Mohamed Salah!


What advice do you have for any future international students?

My advice to all international students is to stay focussed on their objectives, to believe in the realisation of their dreams, and to have a clear vision… these are the​​​​​​​ driving forces for achieving their ambitions. Furthermore, I’d tell them to really believe in themselves and their abilities.


How would you sum up you first months at Excelia?

My first months at Excelia were wonderful, I made new friendships and created links with students from many different backgrounds. The teaching Faculty inspired me in numerous personal and professional ways which helped to develop my personality. I was also able to learn more about French culture, and I feel that I’ve adapted well to this new community.



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