Tourism Management Institute



Tourism Management Institute (TMI)


Located in a historic city which is a renowned tourist destination, Excelia has naturally drawn on the many local resources to develop a strong expertise in the field of tourism. Established in 2003, Excelia Tourism School offers specialised Bachelor and MSc programmes in the fields of tourism, leisure, hospitality and event management.

In harmony with its academic programmes, the Group has created its own Tourism Management Institute, a research centre dedicated to tourism management. This Institute brings together research lecturers (managers, geographers, sociologists and economists) to undertake multidisciplinary research in the following areas:

  • Exploring issues surrounding changes in consumer behaviour and customer experience
  • Understanding the role of ICT in the evolution of new careers in the tourism industry
  • Promoting the concept of quality in tourism companies and associated activities
  • Identifying the impact of tourism in relation to environmental, sociocultural and economic issues
  • Recognising and understanding the correlation between tourism and its local environment and identifying sustainable tourism indicators