Choose France

France is the 4th most popular worldwide destination for international students.

The ‘French Appeal’: France is the 4th most popular worldwide destination for international students. Its higher education programmes are amongst the best in the world, attracting international students looking to study in a country that is both exceptional and unique.

The cultural and economic wealth of France

It is no coincidence that France remains the most visited country in the world. Its history, its heritage (35 landmarks feature on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites), its cultural and culinary richness and diversity, as well as its lifestyle, have made it a popular and long-prized destination.

The international enthusiasm for our country is clear... with France being the world's number one destination for business tourism and international trade shows, and home to Europe's number one theme park, Disneyland Paris. France is recognised as a major player in all artistic and cultural fields such as music, cinema, photography, fashion, architecture, contemporary art and design… making the country all the more attractive.

A perfect location

Ideally located at the heart of Europe, France is an unmissable destination of the ‘Old Continent’, making travelling around the other 22 Schengen Area Member States easy, with a single visa being required, and the ‘Euro’ often being the common currency.

Its excellent location along with its advanced transport network facilitate travel both within and outside of French borders: Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport is ranked second in Europe and 6th worldwide, the TGV (high speed train network) serves all major French cities as well as many European cities (London, Geneva, Amsterdam, etc.) and the French motorway network is the most comprehensive in the world.

Quality of life in France

For both its visitors and permanent residents, France offers an unparalleled quality of life. Living in France means, for example, having access to one of the best healthcare systems in the world… a system that all international students sign up to when they enrol on a higher education programme.

The global reach of the French language

Studying in France is also an opportunity to either learn or master the French language thereby joining the 250 million francophones who already speak French. It is also interesting to note that French is the official language of the Olympic Games, the language of the United Nations as well as an official and working language of the European Union… reason enough to study and live in France.