• Languages
    English / French
  • Location
    La Rochelle, Paris, Tours, Orleans
  • Accreditations
    Accredited by the French Government / EQUIS / Master Degree / AACSB / RNCP Level 7
  • Qualifications
    Master (5 years of higher education)
  • Start date

MSc Digital Marketing (Bac+5)

Become a specialist in digital development with lessons given by experts in digital marketing and growth strategies.

Become a specialist in digital development with lessons given by experts in digital marketing and growth strategies.


  • Overview
  • Study Tracks
  • Programme Content
  • Experiences
  • Work-study
  • Careers
  • Cost of studies
  • Admission
  • Become an expert in digital marketing and growth strategies in an age of ‘everything digital’. This programme will introduce you to Agile Methodology, specifically designed for companies seeking rapid growth. Hone your skills and gain an important edge by mastering the latest digital marketing techniques, an asset for your personal career as well as for your future employer. 


    • What exactly is Digital Marketing?

    Digital marketing is all about implementing strategies aimed at reaching and connecting with audiences and consumers across all digital media and channels. In the digital age, marketing professionals need to master the art of communication on social media, understand online user behaviour, and adapt their messages accordingly. Excelia’s MSc in Digital Marketing educates students in these essential skills, preparing them to interact efficiently with consumers in the digital world. 


    • Why choose the MSc in Digital Marketing? 

    • A recognised qualification (equivalent to 5 years of post-High School education), State-certified RNCP Level 7 professional certification Find out more
    • Endorsed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, State-certified with Grade de Master
    • Our lessons in human sciences and digital marketing offer a wealth of knowledge to help you understand the world of today, the major issues and the different ways in which people interact with the digital world
    • The Experiential and Personal Development (EPD) initiative gives you the opportunity to build a unique study path
    • Vocationally oriented pedagogy
    • The perfect balance between research-active Faculty and industry experts


    • Choisissez votre campus : La Rochelle, Paris, Tours, Orléans

    •  Work-study Track Français

    • Classic Track Anglais

     Work-study Track Français

    Classic Track Anglais

    Programme structure

    Year 1 in La Rochelle, Tours or Orleans

    September - August : 3 weeks company-based / 1 week school-based

    Year 2 in La Rochelle, Tours or Orleans

    September - August : 3 weeks company-based / 1 week school-based

    Year 2 in Paris

    September-August: 3 days school-based / 2 days company-based

    Year 1 in Paris

    September - March : Lessons
    April - May : Climacité© project
    June - August : Internship

    Year 2 in Paris

    September - August : 3 days school-based / 2 days company-based
  • Year 1
    • 360° Marketing
    • Business Models & Strategy
    • Management & Leadership
    • Project Management
    • Business Ethics & CSR
    • Information Systems Management
    • Budget Planning & Management
    • Finance for Managers
    • Methodology
    • Environmental & Social Transition
    • Excel
    • English/French as a Foreign Language
    • Prerequisite Specialisation: Business Game & Applied Law + 3 modules
    • Climacité©
    • Internship
    Year 2 


    • Artificial Intelligence & Marketing Automation
    • Digital Entrepreneurship
    • Natural Referencing & Paid Positioning (SEO/SEA)
    • Digital Marketing
    • Customer Experience Management
    • Data Mining & Data Visualisation
    • Information Systems Management & Digital Transformation
    • Marketing Research
    • Startup Challenge
    • Innovation Strategy & Design Thinking in Digital Technology
    • Community Management (social media strategies)
    • Research Methodology
    • Professional Thesis Coaching
    • Preparation for vocational integration
    • Immersion in the business world

    Core course modules 

    • Climacité©
    • Methodology 
    • Advanced Excel
    • Data Driven Management 
    • Environmental & Social Transition

    The different courses and projects are provided for indicative purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next. The specialisations offered will only be available if the required minimum number of students is reached.


    All you need to know about languages, assessment, lessons and your teachers


    • French (Work-study Track)
    • English (Classic Track)


    • Continuous assessment – 40% of the final mark Throughout the year, you will work on group or individual projects, which will be marked by your teachers.
    • End-of-semester exams – 60% of the final mark These take the form of written exams.
    • Oral Presentation (defence) and Professional Thesis

    The oral is a presentation of your studies and your future studies or your professional project. Concurrently, you will also have to write a thesis on a company case study.

    Types of lessons

    Your core course modules are taught as amphitheatre lessons, with your entire Year Group. In addition, you will also have tutorials in smaller groups, depending on your chosen specialisation, language ability, etc.

    Your teachers

    The teaching team of the MSc in Digital Marketing is made up of French and international research-active Faculty members who are recognised for their strong expertise in the different fields of management.

    The research-active Faculty work with our laboratory, Excelia Lab, offering students innovative pedagogy. In addition, the industry professionals who teach on the programme focus on real-life business issues.

  • Your Experiences

    • Business Game

    Carried out as a company game, students work in teams to tackle and solve real-life business issues.


    • Climacité© Project : 2 months

    Through Climacité©, our students will have the opportunity to make a personal contribution to the planet in an NGO or an association, either in France or abroad. The aim of the project is to raise awareness and educate students on the issues of environmental protection and how to effectively address climate change. 

    Such projects are unique features of Excelia, which is committed to educating students to become future managers who are socially and environmentally responsible and conscious of the importance of their role in society.


    • Alternating internship

    For students in the Classic track, weeks will be structured with 2 days of classes and 3 days in company internships during the 1st and 2nd years.


    • Themed Seminars

    Throughout the year, industry professionals and experts lead themed seminars to raise student awareness of the various issues and challenges in their sector of activity


    • EPD at the heart of the programme

    The objective of Experiential and Personal Development (EPD) is to stimulate the development of Soft Skills. Working in teams or individually, the EPD initiative allows students to reveal their full potential in a multicultural context


    • Digital Entrepreneurship

    For this module, students are free to choose their own project. The objective is to teach future marketing professionals how to use digital tools (websites, social media, mobile applications, SEO, SEA etc.) to help their company develop and grow in today’s digital world.


    • Work-study: 12 or 24 months

    A veritable springboard to rapid vocational integration, work-study allows students to spend an average of 2/3 of their academic year in a company

    MORE about work-study


  • Start of the September 2024 intake: Admissions for work-study programmes are now closed

    What is ‘Work-study’?

    Our programmes offered on a work-study track are subject to specific admissions requirements and conditions. To maximise your chances of being accepted on a work-study track, here is some useful information and helpful advice:

    • Personal interview: Candidates are strongly advised to submit a CV and a cover letter. How you perform on the day of the interview and the quality of these documents, even if optional, are all part of the assessment.  
    • Grant holders: as part of its commitment to social inclusion, when it comes to work-study, Excelia gives preferential consideration to applicants with grants.

    Drawing on a network of local companies, the Master in Management programme offers a number of specialisations that can be carried out on a work-study track, over either 24 months or 12 months. Although the study format is different, the teaching content is exactly the same as that of the Classic Track.

    Choosing work-study is the key to acquiring significant professional experience. It is often a differentiating element on your CV, highlighting your first significant professional experience. During your work-study period, you will benefit from support and guidance from a School tutor along with a manager from the host company who will help you settle in. In addition, the role of this manager is to oversee your work and to ensure that the projects and tasks assigned to you are in line with your capabilities and knowledge. 


    Work-study in detail

    • Contract type: contrat de professionnalisation (professional training contract) or contrat d’apprentissage (apprenticeship contract) or convention de stage alterné (work-study internship agreement)
    • Format: 1 week School-based followed by 3 weeks company-based or 3 days school-based / 2 days company-based for Paris campus in Year 2
    • Main objective: To combine theoretical knowledge with professional experience
    • Securing a contract with a company: The School provides you with the necessary search tools to assist you in your professional project. Once you have successfully completed the Admissions tests, you will have access to the numerous work-study offers available to our students.

    For more information about work-study

  • Which professions would suit you best? Take our short interactive careers quiz!

    Careers Quiz 


    With the MSc in Digital Marketing, graduates will be able to move rapidly into management positions in France or abroad.

    Below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of professions in which you could work.
    Given the growing importance of digital marketing in corporate strategy, the careers available are particularly promising. Graduates can apply for a variety of positions, such as Social Media Manager, SEO/SEA or SEM Specialist or Digital Project Manager. The demand for these skills continues to grow, providing many opportunities in a wide range of sectors.

    Types of jobs:  

    • Marketing Director
    • Director of Digital Communication
    • Head of e-marketing / e-commerce
    • Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
    • Digital Project Leader (web, e-commerce, mobile)
    • Social Media Manager
    • e-Business Consultant
    • SEO/SEA Consultant
    • Traffic Manager
    • Online Reputation Manager
    • Product Manager
    • Content Manager
    • Digital Media Planner


    Facts & Figures: 

    • 95% secure employment within 6 month of graduation 
    • €34K average starting salary
  • Tuition Fees 2024-2025


    Students from within the European Union*

    • Classic Track MSc 24 months: €24,900
    • Classic Track MSc 12 months (2nd year): €14,500

    *27 European Union members: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France and French Overseas Territories, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.


    Students from outside the European Union

    • Classic Track MSc 24 months: €25,800
    • Classic Track MSc 12 months (2nd year): €15,000


    Work-study Track MSc 12 months: For the contrat de professionnalisation (professional training contract) and contrat d’apprentissage (apprenticeship contract), tuition fees are paid by the host company.

    For more information about Tuition Fees on the Work-study Track: alternance@excelia-group.com


    In addition to tuition fees, you need to take into account the following costs:

    • Multiservice charge (see details below)
    • Annual administration costs relating to a double degree (if applicable)
    • Enrolment fees at a partner university in the case of a double degree (to be paid directly to the partner institution)


    Multiservice charge Fee: €250

    This one-off Multiservice fee gives access to the following services: Multimedia and Internet network, Cyberlibris (online library), Student Identity Card, Reprographics credit, Intranet, e-learning modules, Wi-Fi, Career Centre activities and services, International Insurance-Assistance (for any periods spent abroad during the period covered by this contract), University library, University Medical Service etc. 




  • Applications for Classic Track - 12 or 24 months

    The Classic Track is open to students with a minimum of 3 years of post-High School education or international equivalent.
    The Classic Track is a 12 or 24 months full-time programme.
    Motivation interview is carried out by internet via our dedicated platform (day and time of your choice).

    Application fees: €50



    Applications for Classic Track - 12 or 24 months

    The Classic Track is open to students with a minimum of 3 years of post-High School education or international equivalent.
    The Classic Track is a 12 or 24 months full-time programme.
    Motivation interview is carried out by internet via our dedicated platform (day and time of your choice).

    Application fees: €50



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