Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a cross-disciplinary theme within the Group, which translates into initiatives included in Excelia's programmes.

RSE Net SOLIDAIRE ExceliaLet' focus on a collaboration between Excelia Digital School (LRDS) and the La Rochelle association, Net SOLIDAIRE, whose aim is to promote digital autonomy for all!

The image of an army of ants on the Net SOLIDAIRE website is the perfect metaphor... the message is clear. This digital solidarity network aims to provide support for those without access to today's digital world. Organised at a local level, working closely with the community, this network is made up of digitally-trained outreach workers and young adults, providing everyone with the opportunity to freely access their rights to be digitally literate.

Students in Year 2 of the Bachelor in Web Design and Bachelor in Graphic Communications programmes will benefit from a workshop/masterclass, in small groups, with members from Net SOLIDAIRE on 12th October from 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Pierre Gasté, Net SOLIDAIRE'S Digital Inclusion Coordinator, and Vincent Terny, Training Manager, will present their organisation and offer the students 4 hours of activities. The idea is to raise awareness among our connected young adults about the issue of the "digital divide", to encourage them to come up with ideas to facilitate access to technology, and to envisage possible partnerships between our students and Net SOLIDAIRE, on a voluntary basis.

In addition to the rewarding experience that such a commitment can provide, the work carried out will undoubtedly be beneficial to a student's career path. "We hope that through their commitment in the field, our Year 2 students will motivate those in their first year to get involved", says Gonzalo Garzo Fernández, Head of Studies at Excelia Digital School. Year 1 students will also attend a presentation about Humacité©, which until now has been optional for students at the Digital School, but which will become compulsory next year for Year 2 students.

Excelia Digital School's determination to create links with local social and solidarity networks is evident, and the organisation of this "Digital Inclusion" workshop in October, following an initial contact at the end of June, is evidence of a truly dynamic approach that, like the academic year, has only just begun...

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