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Pierre - Software asset management, Microsoft

pierre hoffmanMy thesis triggered off my vocation

A Masters degree involves writing an end-of-studies thesis. At the beginning of my 4th year, I focussed my work on new technologies and the more I advanced in my research, the more I became passionate about it. Yes, it may sound strange, but it’s thanks to my thesis, ‘Intelligence Artificielle et expérience humaine : quel avenir pour l’emploi ?’ (Artificial Intelligence and Human Experience: What is the future for employment?) I discovered the field of Artificial Intelligence and this completely changed the way I imagined my future career. So, I really have to thank my thesis supervisor! Subsequently, I wanted to develop other skills in similar areas of expertise and that’s how I found my new job at Microsoft. Following my BBA, I joined the MBA in Business Development at the Eiffel School of Management.

The sector of New Technologies is recruiting a lot of promising young talent who have the desire to learn about topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Quantum, that will revolutionise our daily life over the next twenty years. It’s important to be curious, but also to be able to understand and factor in how a market is structured around each of the actors that constitutes it.


Understanding the world

The range of different activities and learning opportunities offered by the BBA not only provides you with a solid foundation of technical knowledge but also the ability to reflect on and analyse your environment. The different people you encounter, on the La Rochelle campus as well as abroad, enable you to develop an openness to others and to the world. I think that all this allows you to better understand the world from both an economic and a social point of view. Among my international experiences, my year of academic expatriation as part of the ERASMUS+ scheme was also very important for me. I studied at Plymouth University, where I discovered different methods of learning and of work, as well as other ways of seeing the world. I also made some binding friendships! The diversity of the experiences really is the great strength of the BBA and is the differentiating factor compared to other programmes.