Excelia Foundation

Excelia Foundation

Excelia Foundation supports equal opportunities and is committed to developing projects in the philanthropic areas of Disability, Diversity and Responsible Entrepreneurship.

Our mission

Excelia Foundation… placing PEOPLE at the heart of everything we do!


Created in 2019 under the auspices of France’s leading philanthropy network, the Fondation de France, and resulting from the efforts of its 8 founding members, the aim of the Excelia Foundation is to support the school in strengthening its equal opportunities policy.


The Foundation is committed to assisting the entire Excelian community in three philanthropic areas:





As such, the Foundation supports projects of common interest that place emphasis on the human element through diversity, open-mindedness and entrepreneurial values, and that involve all the school’s stakeholders.


The Foundation’s actions

In line with the school’s values, the Excelia Foundation assists the School in reinforcing its equal opportunities policy through the implementation of tangible actions such as a ‘Call for Scholarship Applications’, open to any student who has already completed one year of study at Excelia, and a ‘Call for Projects’ which is aimed at the entire Excelian community.



appels à candidature


Supporting the Foundation


By making a donation to the Excelia Foundation, you will be supporting its efforts to combat social precarity and all forms of exclusion and isolation.


Your donations will help…

  • to promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities
  • to promote equal opportunities by offering scholarships to deserving and diligent students who encounter financial difficulties yet are still highly motivated to pursue their studies at Excelia
  • to support our student entrepreneurs in the realisation of their projects
  • to support our Call for Projects initiative which promotes the ideas, actions and involvement of Excelia’s stakeholders in the areas of Disability, Diversity and Responsible Entrepreneurship


How to make a donation to the Excelia Foundation

There are three ways to make a donation:

  • By bank transfer – click here
  • By cheque
  • By completing the donation form


Documents for downloading:

2024 Donation form


Tax advantages for those who donate

The Excelia Foundation is registered as a French Foundation, under the auspices of France’s leading philanthropy network, the Fondation de France, which means that any person making a donation can benefit from a tax reduction.

These allowances are capped in line with current legislation.


Donations from companies

Companies subject to income tax or corporate tax benefit from a two-tier tax reduction:

  • For donations of less than or equal to €2 million, the tax reduction is equal to 60% of the amount donated
  • For donations exceeding €2 million, the tax reduction is equal to 40% of the amount donated

Tax reductions are applicable to donations made during the previous financial year and are limited to €20,000 or 0.5% of annual turnover excluding tax.

Donations from private individuals

Donations are eligible for a 66% income tax reduction up to an annual limit of 20% of taxable income.

NOTE: For donations by companies or private individuals, if stated limits are exceeded, any excess can be carried forward over the next 5 years.

Donations from those subject to wealth tax

75% of any donations made can be deducted, up to a maximum of €50,000 per year. 





The following organisations were instrumental in creating the Excelia Foundation:


Logos Fondation



Your contacts:

Christophe SAUVION, President of the Foundation
Onélia LAMARRE, General Delegate of the Foundation
Suzy MINGOT, Diversity & Inclusion Project Manager​​​​​​​