Excelia Foundation

"Act for the future. Together.”

Created in December 2019, the Excelia Foundation works with the School in the implementation of its equal opportunities policy, by undertaking positive actions aimed at its students and graduates.


The Excelia Foundation places people at the heart of its projects!

It is committed to providing support for its community, focussing on 3 philanthropic areas:

  • Disability… by developing a culture of inclusion, and by accompanying applicants throughout their studies and/or professional life
  • Diversity… through welfare scholarships, enabling applicants to have access to different training courses
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship… by providing support for business creation projects with a CSR focus


Relevant documents (in French only):


Foundation brochure


How to donate to the Excelia Foundation?


There are 3 possible ways to make a donation:

  • By bank transfer, click here
  • By cheque
  • By completing a Donation form


How are your donations used?


Your donations will help Excelia Foundation’s initiatives in fighting against social precarity, and all forms of exclusion and isolation.


What are the tax advantages for those who donate?


The Excelia Foundation is a registered as a French Foundation, which means that any person making a donation can benefit from a tax reduction of up to 60% for corporate tax, 66% for income tax and 75% for wealth tax (i.e. for top rate tax payers). 

These allowances are capped in line with current legislation.




The creation of the Excelia Foundation has been made possible thanks to…


Logos Fondation



Your contact:


Sandy Micheneau contact Fondation Excelia