Erfan ASGARI Research Active Faculty - Assistant Professor
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    • Department
      Supply Chain, Purchasing & Project Management Department
    • Languages
      Persian, English
    • Teaching specialisations
      Operation Research, Principles of supply chain management, Sustainable SCM, Logistics and transportation, International Sourcing & Procurement, Inventory management, Data-driven management, Quality management and sustainability
    • Areas of research
      Supply Chain Management, Green Supply Chain Management, Pricing, Game theory, Stochastic Models, Linear/Non-linear Optimization, Circular economy
    • Campus


    Erfan Asgari serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Supply Chain, Purchasing & Project Management at Excelia Business School, a position he has held since September 2022. He earned MSc degrees in Industrial Engineering from the University of Tehran (Tehran, Iran) and Mechanical Engineering from École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (Paris, France) in 2017. Subsequently, he pursued his academic journey and successfully completed his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in supply chain management from the University of Grenoble Alpes (Grenoble, France) in 2021.

    Driven by a deep-seated passion for operations research and supply chain management, he channels his research endeavors toward enhancing the strategies of supply chain actors in response to endogenous demands. His primary focus lies in optimizing demand strategies influenced by factors such as price, environmental considerations, and lead times. This pursuit aims to foster a better comprehension of these dynamics and consequently enhance design and performance within the realm of the retail sector.

  • 2021

    Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, Université de Grenoble Alpes, France


    Master of Science - Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, ENSAM


    Master of Science - Majoring in Industrial Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran

  • 2022

    Research Active Faculty - Assistant Professor, Excelia, La Rochelle, France


    Junior lecturer, Rennes School of Business, Rennes, France


    Teaching Assistant, Grenoble INP, Grenoble, France


    Master internship, LCFC,


    Teaching Assistant, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

  • Journal articles

    HAMMAMI, R., ASGARI, E., FREIN, Y., NOUIRA, I. (2022). Time- and price-based product differentiation in hybrid distribution with stockout-based substitution. European Journal of Operational Research, 300 (3), 884-901. doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2021.08.042.
    ASGARI, E., HAMMAMI, R., FREIN, Y., NOUIRA, I. (2021). The effect of greenness-and pricebased competition on a product’s environmental performance. International Journal of Production Economics.
  • Papers presented at academic or professional meetings

    ASGARI, E., HAMMAMI, R., FREIN, Y. (2021). On retailers’ profit in a price-and greenness sensitive market with different demand functions. Internationale génie industriel qualita, Grenoble, France.
    ASGARI, E., HAMMAMI, R., FREIN, Y. (2020). Retailing Competition for Substitutable Products in Greenness- and Price-Dependent Market. ILS conference.
    ASGARI, E., FREIN, Y., HAMMAMI, R. (2018). Lead time quotation under mto and mts delivery modes with endogenous demand. International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEE, IEEM), Bangkok, Thaïlande.

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