Alexandre SCHWOB

Professeur associé
Alexandre SCHWOB
  • Department Marketing
  • Areas of research Digital Transformation and its Impact on Consumers, Organisations and Society ; Influence of Technology and Market Forces on Consumerism
  • Teaching fields Introduction to Marketing, Market Research, Consumer Behaviour, International Marketing, Service Marketing, Strategic Marketing etc., Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management


Following a Doctorate in Marketing, in 2011, from HEC Paris, Dr Alexandre Schwob had two international professional experiences: the first in Finland at Aalto University (Helsinki), the second in Scotland at Abertay University (Dundee), where he headed up a Bachelor programme in Marketing and Business. He then joined Excelia Business School in 2019, as an Associate Professor. His passion for marketing is due to its dynamism and its ability to cast light on the understanding of social and societal change.

His research work explains the ways in which Information and Communication Technology is transforming individuals and society. The aim is to rethink the understanding of phenomena widely discussed in current literature, be it from the point of view of the individual consumer, the employee (understanding identity issues, issues of resilience or resistance etc.) or the organisation (through retail practices, brands or the search for quality of life at work etc.). With his students, beyond the simple transmission of pertinent skills for their future careers as managers (knowledge, savoir-faire and interpersonal skills), Dr Schwob seeks to share his enthusiasm, and to constantly have a better understanding of the world in which we live, and thereby be able to act with wisdom and intelligence.


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