Amitabh ANAND Research Active Faculty - Associate Professor
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    • Department
      Human Resources Management Department
    • Languages
      English, Hindi
    • Teaching specialisations
      Human resources, Organisational Behaviour, International Trade, Digitalisation
    • Areas of research
      Entrepreneuriat, Ethics, Consumer Behaviour, Methodological innovation, Organisational studies and behaviour, Bibliometrics , Human relations
    • Campus
      La Rochelle


    Dr. Amitabh Anand hails from Karnataka State of India. He is presently the Associate Professor for Excelia Business School in La Rochelle, France. He formerly worked as Assistant Professor in Academy of Digitalization at SKEMA Business School, Université Côte d’Azur, FRANCE, Dr. Amitabh holds Bachelor’s in environmental engineering degree from, India, He got scholarship to do MBA from Stockholm University, Sweden and secured full scholarship to complete Ph.D. from NEOMA Business School, Paris, France.


    He has won several awards in research: “Excellence in Peer Review” from South Asian Journal of Human Resources, “Emerging Scholar Award” from organization studies research network at Germany in 2018. For his contribution to teaching and impact on student learning, he is the only one from Europe to chosen as the “Top 50 Worlds Best Professor” among 400 nominations worldwide by Poets and Quants, USA in 2018. For his innovative course design, he has won the Outstanding Pedagogical Innovation Award in 2020 by SKEMA. He is member of the European Academy of Management and founding member of Sharing Knowledge Forward Initiative called SKARP (Sharing Knowledge and Research with Pleasure), which involves a group of professors with a mission to share knowledge unconditionally across globe. He is a visiting professor for universities in India and abroad. Further, He is also part of the Editorial advisory/review board of “International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research” “Management Decision”, “Employee Relations”, “Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies”. He is presently the review editor for International Studies on Management and Organization (ABDC-B) and Guest Editor of Information System Frontiers Journal (ABDC-A)'. His research works are published in FT 50 journal such as the Journal of Business Venturing and other journals such as Computers in Human Behaviour, Journal of Knowledge Management, Personnel Review, Management International etc. His research is interdisciplinary such as leadership, ethics, human behaviour, technology, entrepreneurship and bibliometrics and he is competent in literature reviews, theory building and qualitative methods.

  • 2017

    PhD in Management Science, NEOMA Business School, France


    Executive Master of Business Administration, Stockholm University School of Business, Sweden


    Bachelor of Engineering, Visveswaraya Technological University, India

  • 2021

    Research Active Faculty - Associate Professor, Excelia, La Rochelle, France


    Assistant Professor, SKEMA Business School, Lille, France

  • Journal articles

    ANAND, A. (2023). Diving deep into the dark side: A review and examination of research on organizational misconduct in emerging markets. Business Ethics: A European Review. doi:DOI: 10.1111/beer.12514.
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  • Proceedings from scholarly meetings

    ANAND, A. (2021). Diving Deep into the Dark Side: A Review and Examination of Research on Organizational Misconduct in Emerging Markets. In Amitabh Anand (Ed.), EIBA. European International Business Academy.

    Papers presented at academic or professional meetings

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