XL Vision: Excelia’s innovative and holistic digital transformation plan

XL Vision: Excelia’s innovative and holistic digital transformation plan

The digital revolution is well underway in higher education and Excelia’s pioneering digital transformation plan is the perfect example of this. Entitled XL Vision, Excelia’s holistic, multi-campus plan aims to reinvent our educational approach through innovative and immersive teaching methods and to improve the overall experience of all our group’s stakeholders. Aligned with Excelia’s core values, and included in its 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, this 5-year digital transformation plan is based on a comprehensive range of innovative pedagogical and organisational initiatives that are unprecedented in the realm of higher education in France. A total budget of €5.6 million has been allocated for its implementation.



A comprehensive range of innovations to shape the future of education

Excelia’s digital transformation plan sets the stage for the future of education and how educational institutions of tomorrow will be structured. It responds to the threefold desire to rethink learning methods, to extend the mission of education beyond the mere transmission of knowledge, and to allow for instability in pedagogy by remaining agile. Transforming the school, rethinking its mission and investing in pedagogical innovation, research, and in smart, connected campuses that are accessible to civil society... this is the main purpose of the digital transformation plan. It constitutes a veritable break with convention, paving the way for an innovative business model that encourages responsible development and creates value for all of the group’s stakeholders (learners, partners, personnel, companies, and local regions). This complete overhaul will enable Excelia to develop an educational model that favours the modularisation and personalisation of study paths. With a strong desire to push the boundaries, Excelia has launched an extensive programme of innovations called XL Vision.


4 pillars to drive an ambitious digital transformation

Entitled XL Vision, Excelia’s digital transformation plan will enable the group to successfully transform its activities whilst tackling the challenge of digital sobriety. The plan’s ambitious objectives are reflected in its four strategic priorities:

  • Reinventing the experience of learners, teachers and administrators with new services and forms of collaboration which are people-centric
  • Strengthening a digital culture with an HR strategy focussing on skills development
  • Developing and nurturing innovative/immersive approaches to teaching with new pedagogical opportunities for teachers focussing on the needs and the success of learners
  • Deploying state-of-the-art technology to support Excelia’s growth and to ensure continuous improvement


A unique holistic digital transformation plan

XL Vision has been designed as a holistic plan to improve the overall experience and meet the needs of all of Excelia’s communities:

  • Learners – by encouraging the development of innovative/immersive teaching methods (XR-eXtended Reality, learning analytics, hybrid and adaptive learning) and preparing them for the careers of the future (AI, Metaverse, Data Science, etc.)
  • Teachers – by offering them new and immersive teaching methods suitable for new practices
  • Support service personnel – by training them in the skills required to face the current and future digital transformations within the context of interdisciplinary projects
  • Governance – by introducing innovative approaches for guiding decision-making, managing, forecasting, organising, and identifying new sources of value creation


A budget of €5.6 million: transformation on an ambitious scale

XL Vision comprises 38 projects that underpin the 6 main themes of Excelia’s digital transformation plan:

XL Vision


Excelia to leverage the transformation potential of Digital Technology and Pedagogical Innovation 

  • Excelia Metaverses

Excelia has developed its own collaborative and educational Metaverses to promote immersive learning experiences that maximise and stimulate cognitive abilities.

  • ILE: Immersive Learning Experience

This unique initiative aims to guarantee the quality of immersive learning experiences, whether on campus or in the metaverse.

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