Videos of our students’ Humacite© projects

Carrying out a Humacité© project enables our students to give their time freely, assisting those in difficulty or working on local and sustainable development projects. They participate in voluntary and selfless actions for hundreds of organisations around the world.


Combining two words ‘human’ and ‘cité (which translates as ‘society’), Humacité© does indeed encompass humanitarian and responsible values to which the Group wishes to expose its students and future graduates. These indispensable and enduring values are enhanced through contact with others and further developed through the richness and intensity of humanitarian experiences.
All students choose and prepare for their own Humacité© project, in line with their individual character… and they come back having learned many valuable lessons that will stay with them for their entire professional life.


A choice of different sectors to explore:

  • Working with children and the youth
  • Community work and helping to combat social exclusion
  • Assisting migrant communities
  • Career guidance and help in entering the job market
  • Assisting dependent people
  • Supporting people with disabilities
  • Promoting local development

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