Speak & Act 2023 Ranking: Excelia… a great place to study!

Each year, the platform Speak and Act compiles comments on employer brands and higher education institutions with the aim of creating rankings, one of which is the ‘Best School Experience - Happiness Barometer’. By soliciting student feedback, this ranking highlights those schools that offer the most positive student experience.

The student experience… the key to the Speak and Act Barometer 

Speak & Act is a platform focussing on employer and school brands. It aims to identify companies and schools offering the best experience for employees or students on internships or work placements, in order to help students and job applicants find the right employer or the perfect higher education establishment for them. The ‘Best School Experience - Happiness Barometer’ is based exclusively on student feedback, identifying schools offering the best student experience, thereby helping future learners make the right choice.

How is the ranking compiled ?

The ranking of schools is based on 21 questions, posed exclusively to students, on a range of different topics such as…

  • Employer recognition of the school and corporate relations
  • Culture and values
  • Sense of belonging and student life
  • Quality of education and pedagogy
  • Infrastructure and facilities

For the results to be considered statistically representative and credible, the survey must be completed by at least 25% of the students attending the school. From these results, each school is given a score in the ranking. This score is intended to help future students and their parents assess which schools are considered ‘a great place to study’, offering a quality student experience.

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Excelia... a great place to study

This year, Excelia Business School was awarded the label ‘Best School Experience - Happiness Barometer 2024’ by Speak & Act in collaboration with JobTeaser, with an overall score of 4.32/5.

In the overall school ranking: 

In the programme ranking: 

  • Bachelor Business was ranked 1st
  • BBA International was ranked 5th 
  • Master in Management  was ranked 5th 
  • Masters of Science (MSc) were ranked 7th 

Excelia’s key strengths according to its students

  • Our students consider that Excelia actively works with responsible players (companies, institutions, schools, etc.) that are committed to CSR, with a satisfaction rate of 89%

  • Our students can identify with and share the same values as Excelia, with a satisfaction rate of 87%

  • Our students state that academic excellence is one of Excelia’s major strengths, with a satisfaction rate of 86%.

As student wellbeing and happiness is at the heart of our concerns, we are proud to be included in this ranking and would like to thank all our students for conveying their sense of satisfaction. Excelians… and proud to be so!

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