Put your hands together for... Wooclap!

Wooclap it's an interactive learning platform that brings lectures to life. 


Wooclap: to try it is to love it!

Learning together, anytime, anyplace, anywhere... that's the beauty of this interactive learning platform that brings lectures to life. To try it is to love it!

The idea behind Wooclap is to create interaction, excitement and dynamism in lessons, using questions and student input... via their smartphones! So, rather than fighting a losing battle against phones, we might as well put them to good use!

With Wooclap, teachers can design an event, uploading any type of presentation in any format, adding questions between slides or word clouds with student involvement, incorporating MCQs or surveys, etc. all of which makes for learners who are more involved in the lesson with active mental engagement, leading to longer term memory. And for more good news...  events are saved and any questions asked are included in a database. This means that content can be exchanged between colleagues at the click of a button, thereby ensuring the pooling of educational resources.

More than 200 active accounts have already been recorded among the permanent Faculty and occasional lecturers who have signed up to the partnership which was launched in the second half of last year and will run for three years. A partnership based on the idea of joint development and continuous improvement!

"We benefit from excellent support, and even have a Wooclap log book", explains Caroline O'Neill, Pedagogical Engineer and ICT Coordinator. "Some teachers use the tool regularly, others only occasionally, either synchronously or asynchronously. There is no obligation to use it, nor any restrictions, and the tool is very easy to use. Teachers find it particularly useful for large groups, such as 300 students in an amphitheatre, and value the quantifiable feedback and live data that it provides e.g. knowing whether a learner is "lost'", she adds.

In addition to her ICT role, Caroline is a teacher of Business English and uses Wooclap mainly for face-to-face teaching, pointing out that "although the idea of using this tool came about during the lockdown, a lot of teaching solutions had already been developed for distance learning".

The Wooclap platform has already been added to Teams for use by Excelians and will soon be available as an SSO on MyIntranet.