Positive Impact Rating for Business Schools 2024 : Excelia, a global reference for the ecological and social transition

Excelia Business School has been recognised once again for its initiatives aimed at contributing to the ecological and social transition, this time in the worldwide Positive Impact Rating for Business Schools.

Positive Impact RatingRanked ‘Transforming’, a demanding level 4 out of 5 possible levels, for the second consecutive year 

Excelia Business School’s commitment to the ecological and social transition has once again been recognised in the 2024 edition of the Positive Impact Rating (PIR) for Business Schools. For the second year running, the school has been ranked at level 4 out of 5, ‘Transforming’, which was the highest level achieved by any of the European schools featured.
Of the 8 French business schools included in the Positive Impact Rating, only 5 succeeded in reaching level 4.
Excelia Business School thus consolidates its place in the world’s TOP 50 most committed establishments, even though this year’s Positive Impact Rating included a further 32 schools.

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Areas in which Excelia Business School excelled

Just like last year, Excelia Business School’s overall score was higher than the average of all the other schools rated at level 4 'Transforming', with the PIR report emphasising a number of strengths that set the school apart: 

  • Its governance – its vision of societal commitment and how CSR is the school’s driving force
  • Its study programmes – the inclusion of ethics and CSR in its curricula, the participation of social stakeholders in the learning experience, and its effectiveness in shaping future responsible business leaders with the necessary skills
  • Its civic commitment – in particular, the relevance of its commitment to CSR, both in terms of the values promoted by its members and the recognition received from its stakeholders

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A rating based on student feedback

The Positive Impact Rating is based on student opinions of their school’s commitment to sustainable development. At Excelia Business School, the Oxygen student association conducted the survey, submitting the PIR questions to the student body. 
The Positive Impact Rating positions business schools on one of 5 different levels:

  • Level 1 ‘Beginning’: schools that are either getting started or are considering getting started 
  • Level 2 ‘Emerging’: schools with a stated commitment to positive action in one or more domains
  • Level 3 ‘Progressing’: schools demonstrating evidence of results across several impact dimensions
  • Level 4 ‘Transforming’: schools with a positive impact culture, governance, and systems, with visible results in many impact dimensions
  • Level 5 ‘Pioneering’: schools showing unique, sustainable leadership in all impact dimensions

The Positive Impact Rating is designed to be a driving force for the transformation of business schools throughout the world. The final report therefore only includes those schools on levels 3, 4, and 5, that are in a position to set an example.

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