Our Paris campus, as you’ve never seen it before!

This year, Excelia reached a major milestone with the acquisition of Paris-Cachan, its fourth campus in France.

With a floor area of some 4,000m² spread over 4 levels, the campus offers highly modern workspaces and state-of-the-art facilities.


Campus paris excelia


This latest acquisition fully supports Excelia’s vision of welcoming 1,500 students over the next 3 years. Designated as an Industry 5.0 connected campus, this learning environment promises to be an innovative place that encourages dialogue, sharing, and collaboration.


Let our drone guide you around the Paris campus!

As you take this drone tour of the Paris campus, you’ll be able to discover our many different spaces:


The main entrance hallcampus paris excelia

This hall could be seen as a simple linking area, but in reality, it is far more important. It is used to host various stands during our Open Days, in order to present the full range of activities and programmes available on our Paris campus.



campus paris excelia


The Arena amphitheatre

A workspace redesigned to offer a unique learning experience, with a layout that fosters interaction and sharing.



campus paris excelia

Our multimedia library

Here you can borrow books, as well as benefit from creativity zones, 15 hi-tech work rooms and 30 cubicles for group work. 
Excelia also has its own XL Library website, which offers online access to a wide range of content (books, articles, etc.). 



Discover our range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes! 

Excelia’s development in Paris is being driven by the launch of 4 new Master of Science (MSc) specialisations: Sustainable Luxury & Creative Industries, Sustainable Finance, Sustainable Global Supply Chain Management, and Tourism & Event Management. This new offer reflects a desire to meet the needs of tomorrow's businesses, combined with a commitment to the ecological transition, and it follows on from Excelia Business School’s International BBA programme which was launched in Paris back in 2020.


Programmes open to students with a High School qualification (or international equivalent)



Programmes open to students with 3 years of post-High School education

All equivalent to 5 years of post-High School education



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