Our ambassadors...veritable ports of call!

New to the Alumni LR Excelia website, under the heading "Services" you will find an interactive map featuring some 62 ambassadors located in 50 different countries. These ambassadors are all Excelia graduates who are ready to answer questions from their peers as well as from students who are looking to go abroad.


Alumni ExceliaThe members of our Alumni association worked tirelessly,

contacting each graduate individually in each of the target countries to ask if they would be willing to be a contact person for their particular place of residence or geographical zone. The resulting map, which will be updated regularly, already reveals an impressive international presence, further strengthening the network on which the association relies in order to organise its events.




The 62 graduates who have agreed to act as ambassadors are doing so out of altruism, 

as they are well aware of all the practical questions and operational issues that arise when looking for a job or an internship abroad... because they themselves have been there! 

Who could be better than someone on the ground to answer your questions, at all the different stages in your life: Is accommodation expensive? Will I need a car? Are internships paid? Which companies are looking to recruit? Is it complicated to enrol children in schools? Will it be easy for my partner to find a job if I'm relocated?


Being able to talk to someone in the country you are considering moving to

means knowing that this person will be able to give you the benefit of their insight along with practical and professional advice, and even give you a helping hand if something unexpected happens once you are there. Rather reassuring, wouldn't you agree? For our Alumni, networking is not just another word! These ambassadors understand what they are committing to and, by volunteering their time, they are happily giving back a little of what they have received...

«Wherever you are in the world, our Alumni are never far away.»


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