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The MACCA group, made up of 200 French-speaking researchers including 15 from Excelia, is preparing the 5th edition of the MACCA research conference on January 6 and 7, 2022.


Could this be the name of the latest dance craze for the summer? Or perhaps the name of a pre-match ritual in rugby? No, but it's certainly just as active! The acronym MACCA stands for Méthodes et Approches Créatives et Critiques de l'Apprentissage et de la formation au management which translates as "creative and critical methods and approaches to learning and management education". It's a French-speaking working group of some 200 researchers whose scope continues to grow.


Analyse and question new teaching practices

A strong and growing trend... pedagogical research is moving away from Education Sciences to enrich Management Science, to the point of being a prerequisite in obtaining accreditations! In the context of current changes and numerous uncertainties, it is the role of research lecturers to analyse and question both the resulting new practices and how they are taught in universities and management schools. Within a working group made up of some fifteen Excelia researchers committed to this project, a dedicated sub-group is focussing on the hosting of the 5th MACCA research conference to be held on the 6th and 7th January 2022. Two days of conferences and presentations, for which the call for papers will be announced in mid-May. Following on from Créteil (where the MACCA group was created five years ago at the IAE School of Management), Lille, Toulouse and Nantes, it is the turn of La Rochelle to pitch in to find a theme, as its predecessors did in previous years, using video games and simulations, dance or even the involvement of experts in the so-called "dys" disabilities.

"Hosting this conference is an important first for Excelia, and a way of highlighting and consolidating what drives us", explains Valérie Fernandes, Researcher and Dean of Faculty, who has written a chapter in a forthcoming collective work on research into pedagogy applied to management. As she is also a teaching Professor, she places great emphasis on the main focus of the working group.


Autonomy, critical thinking, agility... In the classroom and throughout the School, how can we encourage the development of these skills in learners? What teaching methods should be adopted? We're training the managers of tomorrow, so the stakes are high!
Valérie Fernandes, Researcher and Dean of Faculty


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