Interview: Morgane Rocheteau, graduate

A graduate of Excelia Digital School, Morgane is a creator of "worlds"...

From Excelia Digital School to Gobelins School, Morgane thinks big!


CREATOR OF "WORLDS"...Etudiante Excelia Digital School interviewée

Morgane Rocheteau, a graduate of Excelia's Bachelor of Arts Design Digital  (former Bachelor in Web Design and Graphic Communications), is about to enroll in Gobelins, l'école de l'image, a leading reference in the visual arts. Knowing that "Morgane" is the name of a good fairy and that the name of the school means "goblins", you might be tempted to think about magic... But the real secret of this young lady's success has nothing to do with magic just sheer determination and boundless energy!



Wow, the Gobelins visual arts, that's classy! A school ranked 1st amongst the best animation schools in the world and very selective...

Rather than looking at the number of candidates and those selected, or the marks and my ranking, I'd prefer to highlight my perseverance, my desire to learn, and the help that I've received. More than the numbers, what's important is the journey itself.


Have you always wanted to work in the world of moving images?

Originally, I wanted to be a vet... But being dyslexic, dysorthographic and dyscalculic, I had no choice but to do a vocational baccalaureate. There, they destroyed my dreams by telling me that I would never get far. But "dys" people are neither ill nor stupid, they just learn differently from others! My thing is oral and visual communication, and thanks to the Davis Method, which changed my life, I was able to overcome my difficulties and turn them into assets.


What attracted you to Excelia?

After my vocational baccalaureate in administration, I did a BTS qualification in business and management during which I undertook an internship in Miami, where I was introduced to the world of digital technology and graphic design. Then, in my second year, during an internship at the Groupe Rhino marketing agency, I was told about Excelia. Although I was already in the second year of my qualification, I'm very happy that I decided to start again from the beginning, joining the Bachelor of Arts Design Digital  (former Bachelor in Web Design and Graphic Communications).


What are the most memorable moments of your three years here?

I found a subject that I love, and I learnt the importance of art. It was Gonzalo Garzo Fernández, the Director of the Digital School, who told me about Gobelins school. My visual culture teachers, Pascal Sémur and João Garcia, became mentors. Pascal kindly volunteered to train me and accompany me through all stages of the entrance tests, right down to the smallest details of my portfolio, even preparing me with mock orals and trick questions! Chloé Makarof, my Oral Communications teacher, also coached me. A big thank you to all of them.


So, you were doing your exams at Excelia, drafting your work-study report and preparing intensively for the Gobelins entrance tests all at the same time. You really must have magic powers, Morgane!

I always try to apply Pascal Sémur's wise advice: "Be humble and human, enjoy and learn". The message I'd like to pass on to others is that if someone tells you "You'll never make it", don't believe them. If you want to try to get into one of the top schools, just go for it!


You're still on your work-study track at Serious Frames, a 3D creation studio in La Rochelle, which designs interactive, immersive and entertaining digital experiences for companies and local authorities in the fields of health and education. Do you still have time to create on a personal level?

Yes, I'm working on a project to recount my great-grandfather's experiences during the Second World War. And I'm also exploring the idea of creating a technological object that would be helpful to others, mindful of the fact that there is a fine line between what is real and what is not, and questioning what the world will be like in the future.