Excelia launches its Inspirations series:
An immersion in the everyday world of Tourism 

Excelia, always at the cutting edge of educational innovation, is proud to announce the launch of its new series of Inspirations masterclasses.

This unique series has been designed to put students right at the heart of the operational challenges facing the tourism industry, thanks to half-day sessions led by leading industry professionals. Each session focusses on a specific issue, with the aim of making it easier for students to grasp the subject through a variety of practical exercises.

A practical and innovative approach to education

These Inspirations masterclasses are characterised by their practical approach, allowing students at Excelia Tourism School to confront real-life situations. Using tangible examples such as the creation of advertising slogans, regional marketing, or customer enchantment strategies, participants are challenged to apply the theories they have learned in class. This methodology is designed to strengthen their understanding and ability to respond effectively to the challenges of today’s tourism industry.


Exploring key themes of the tourism industry

The Inspirations series addresses themes at the heart of tourism trends, reflecting consumer developments and expectations. 
Topics covered include…

  • The creation of a geocaching trail event: an initiative designed to help new students integrate and learn all about La Rochelle in an interactive way.

  • The appeal of mixed-use venues for Generation Z: an analysis of the drivers behind the success of venues combining food, entertainment, and live performances, particularly among young consumers.

  • The development of an eco-friendly resort: a project combining permaculture, luxury accommodation, artistic and educational activities, and immersion in farm work, illustrating the importance of hybridising tourism activities.


A springboard to vocational success

As well as acquiring knowledge, this Inspirations series offers students a unique opportunity to meet industry professionals and develop their network. These exchanges enable them to obtain valuable advice, discover new career prospects  and put themselves in a favourable position in the job market.
Excelia is therefore confirming its commitment to educating the tourism leaders of tomorrow, by constantly adapting its programmes to the demands of the sector. These masterclasses represent a key step in this process, offering a rich educational experience, rooted in the professional world, and aligned with the needs of the tourism industry.


Another step towards excellence

With the launch of this Inspirations series, Excelia is reaffirming its position as a leader in tourism higher education. This initiative is perfectly in line with the school’s mission to prepare students to become qualified, innovative professionals who are well equipped to meet the future challenges of the sector. Excelia therefore encourages all its students who are passionate about tourism to embrace this unique opportunity for learning and professional growth!


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