Results of the study

Following a detailed audit conducted by Eric Cornuel, Managing Director of the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development), and Michel Kalika, Co-Director of BSIS (Business School Impact System), Excelia (ex La Rochelle Education Group) has published the results of its second BSIS study, a study which measures the economic impact of Business Schools upon their local environment.

Excelia: An economic impact of 168 million euros per year on its local region

One of the first schools to obtain the BSIS Label

Created and developed by the FNEGE (The French Foundation for Management Education) in partnership with the EFMD, the BSIS aims to evaluate the different impacts that a management school has on its environment, not only financially but also economically, socially as well as in terms of innovation and image. In 2012, Excelia (known at that time as La Rochelle Education Group) was among the first schools to have this study carried out.

The area chosen for this study extends beyond the city of La Rochelle to include 5 areas (known as départements in French): Charente, Charente-Maritime, Deux-Sèvres and Vienne (all located in the northern part of New Aquitaine) and Vendée (located further north, in the Pays-de-la-Loire region).

Firmly rooted in its local area… with a recognised impact  

As an essential part of the local region, Excelia is recognised by local actors for the role that it plays. The Group has created a strong national and international appeal through its Business School, School of Tourism & Hospitality and also its Digital School. Furthermore, it is renowned for its strategic agility benefitting other cities within the local region (notably Niort) which justifies its importance in the north of the New Aquitaine region.  

A multifaceted impact 

The educational impact of Excelia has a dual effect. On the one hand, it attracts new students to the region, and on the other, it appeals to local students from within the region who benefit from the multitude of study opportunities close to home.

The Group’s open-minded approach to cooperation with companies and its partners in higher education contributes to the development of the local region. For instance, the large number of internships, as well as study and consultancy projects, provide companies with high-quality human resources.
The Chairs, the creation and publication of case studies and research articles are examples of the intellectual impact of the Group upon its region as well as its contribution to the knowledge economy.

Excelia is fully implicated in the education ecosystem at a local, secondary and university (EIGSI, IAE etc.) level as well as working in partnership with various other education organisations. Internationally, the Group has developed a network of 9 offices abroad which benefit La Rochelle. It also contributes to the cultural and sporting life of the local area.  

In terms of social responsibility and sustainable development, the Humacité© projects are a unique feature of Excelia and have a strong impact on the values passed on to both its students and partners.  

Finally, in terms of image, the Group makes a significant contribution to the reputation of the city… through the applicants for its different programmes, its students, graduates, international students and the various events that it organises.  
We are incredibly proud to contribute to the economic development of our region as well as to the influence of our city both within France and internationally. 


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