Excelia Alumni... now one of the biggest French graduate networks 

The associations ‘Alumni LR Excelia’ and ‘ESCEM Alumni’ have now become one.

The associations ‘Alumni LR Excelia’ and ‘ESCEM Alumni’ merge

The associations ‘Alumni LR Excelia’ and ‘ESCEM Alumni’ have now become one. This merger has resulted in a new network comprising some 40,000 members. Now named Excelia Alumni, it will provide benefits to all Excelia stakeholders with improved services and greater opportunities for synergies between graduates, students and companies. Excelia Alumni is a significant element in the continued development of Excelia and in its geographical reach within France and across the globe.


One of the 10 largest Alumni networks in terms of size

In December 2020, Excelia acquired ESCEM Business & Digital School, whose students in the cities of Tours and Orleans joined the Excelia community. The merger of the alumni associations of these two schools is therefore a natural step following this acquisition. The dissolution of ESCEM Alumni and the change of name of Alumni LR Excelia have now been made official. The 40,000 alumni from the two schools now form a united community through the new association Excelia Alumni. The governance of the association will be organised as follows:

  • Chairman: Sacha Breslave (previously of Alumni LR Excelia)
  • Vice-chairman: Julien Dargaisse (previously of ESCEM Alumni)
  • Office of 6 members
  • Board of Directors – 23 members including 5 new members from ESCEM Alumni

Excelia Alumni currently comprises more than 50 active volunteers and its daily management is assured by 4 employees. It is now in the top 10 of the largest alumni networks in France in terms of size.


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