Discover Excelia’s La Rochelle campus… as if you were really there!

How many parents of students wish they could be a fly on the wall to see where their children live and study? And, how many students, particularly international ones, would like to have a better idea of where they will be spending a few months or even years?


Well, now it’s possible! You can enjoy a visit of the La Rochelle campus thanks to a short film made using a camera mounted on a miniature drone… you can admire the view, as if you were really there, as the device flies around the campus! It’s known as an FPV, or First Person View, and gives you the opportunity to relish a truly immersive experience! Simply relax and enjoy this informative and practical overview of the La Rochelle campus and its surrounding area... the fruit of a proposal put forward by filmmaker Mehdi Mellouk, necessitating extensive work carried out over a period of several months. The flight route, the script, logistics, permit requests, involvement of students and personnel (very patient extras indeed!), staging, and filming over two Saturdays, editing, post-production, etc. All this for a journey lasting just 3 minutes which will leave you wanting more!

This drone tour will give you the highlights of our La Rochelle campus, including…

Amphitheatre 1 

amphithéâtre excelia
This amphitheatre offers more than 300 seats, a large stage, a desk microphone system, as well as a projection system with control room. It can be used for end-of-term exams, lectures, and interviews, and features a badge reader at the entrance so that students can register their attendance when they arrive for a lesson.

Entrance Hall

You might think that the main foyer is simply a busy thoroughfare but, in reality, it’s so much more than that! This entrance hall serves as a showcase area for many of our activities. The school’s clubs and associations use it to promote their events, and external organisations may also be invited to use it as a venue. 



médiathèque exceliaHere, you can borrow material from among the 10,000 works on offer, and Excelia has created its XL Library website, offering access to a wide range of online works, such as articles and research papers. In addition, Excelia students can join the University of La Rochelle Library for FREE, thereby benefitting from all the libraries in the La Rochelle area! The Médiathèque also features coworking rooms and cubicles for teamwork.



Student Life

A place where students can go for help and support, to discuss any difficulties they may be experiencing (personal or academic), thereby benefitting from valuable support. Similarly, the IT help desk offers assistance with even the most basic computer problems. And this is where you will find the school’s team responsible for supporting the clubs and associations in coordinating internal and external events, such as the Christmas Market organised by the Arts Office (BDA). The infirmary is also located here.



cafétéria excelia la rochelleA place where students can meet up and eat together… you can buy food here or bring your own and reheat it, and there is a water fountain where you can fill up your water bottle! In the corner, there is a pool table, a video arcade game and table football available throughout the day. In addition, the CROUS restaurant is less than 5 minutes’ walk from the campus. Last but not least, just above the cafeteria on the first floor, you will find the offices of the school's clubs and associations.


The Kiosque

Here you can have your documents bound or borrow equipment such as multi-sockets or adapters. If you encounter technical problems, whether with the printers or in the rooms in general, this is the place to go! 


The Talent Centre

Here, teachers are on hand to assist students in many different aspects from developing their professional project, writing CVs and cover letters, and leveraging networks such as LinkedIn. The aim is to provide a truly personalised service to support students every step of the way, including their internship and job searches. Via a simple platform, students can book a one-hour appointment (available Monday to Friday all day and on Saturday mornings). These appointments can be held remotely or face-to-face and can even be conducted in English or Spanish for international students. 


La Sole

La Sole building is just a stone’s throw away from our main Coureilles building. There are also classrooms here and a separate cafeteria with a pleasant wooden terrace where lunch can be enjoyed in the sun! The building features further work areas and another Kiosque in case you encounter any technical problems.




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