The Conférence des Grandes Écoles celebrates its 50th !

Excelia would like to wish the Conférence des Grandes Écoles a very happy 50th anniversary !

What is the CGE ?

The Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) is a French association of higher education establishments.

50ans CGE Excelia

Founded in 1973, the Conférence des Grandes Écoles encompasses a total of 238 prestigious establishments, covering a wide range of disciplines such as engineering, management, architecture, political science, creation and design, and journalism, as well as military schools, veterinary schools, and medical schools, to name but a few!

Among these, only 38 business and management schools have had the honour of being selected by the association, which distinguishes the best schools that award State-recognised qualifications. Admission to the CGE is based on exacting criteria covering a range of aspects, including the school’s structure, recruitment processes, pedagogical approach, international outlook, links with the corporate world, support for students, and the nature of the qualifications awarded.

The CGE supports its member schools in developing high-quality programmes, promoting student entrepreneurship and so much more!

The association leads various initiatives and actions to promote pedagogical innovation and facilitate the integration of students into the world of work. Furthermore, the CGE’s quality labels guarantee the excellence of the programmes offered by its member schools.


Excelia and the CGE… 16 years of successful collaboration

tamym abdessemed

Throughout 2023, the CGE is organising a number of events to celebrate its 50 years of initiatives and commitment. On 16th May 2023, Excelia, a member of the CGE since 2007, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the CGE, which was honoured equally in all its member schools!

During its fifty years of existence, the CGE has consistently worked alongside public bodies to promote the interests of the major higher education establishments (Grandes Ecoles), to establish educational labels recognised for their quality and, more broadly, to contribute to the debate on the major transformations that have taken place in the field of higher education and research.

At Excelia Business School, our Director of Strategy, Institutional & Regional Development, Tamym ABDESSEMED, was appointed Commissioner for the 50th anniversary celebrations of the CGE.


To mark this anniversary, Excelia presents its…


Padagogical initiatives 

Inspired by the values of Sharing, Humanity, Courage, Responsibility, and Commitment, every year Excelia gives its students the opportunity to embody these values by undertaking a Humacité© project. Nearly 8,000 students have taken advantage of this unique initiative since it was launched 18 years ago. It is designed to help students become socially responsible managers.

Climacité©, launched in September 2020, has the same objective, this time focussing on the environmental dimension as a response to current climate issues.

The two initiatives take different pedagogical approaches. However, they complement each other by offering students the opportunity to explore two distinct aspects of sustainable development: one focussing on the social dimension, the other on the environment.

Les deux dispositifs adoptent des approches pédagogiques différentes. Ils se complètent en offrant aux étudiants l'opportunité d'explorer deux aspects distincts du développement durable : l'un centré sur le volet social, tandis que l'autre se concentre sur l'environnement.

Proposal for commitment to the future 

The CGE has for many years been recognised as an authority on the major trends in the employment of young graduates. To mark the occasion of this 50th anniversary, Excelia is proposing to go one step further and play a major role in forecasting future careers, specifically through the creation of a CGE Observatory.

This will help to identify, in a structured and methodical way, the trends and issues relating to evolutions in the job market. Such an initiative will enable leading business, management, and engineering schools, as well as companies and governments, to make informed decisions and adapt in a proactive way to the changes to come.


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