Company internship in France

This may be the first time that you have had the challenge of looking for an internship. You are torn between excitement and apprehension, and you don't know where to start! Let us help you simplify this crucial step in your career path.

Start your search early

One very important piece of advice… you have to start early! Looking for an internship is not an easy task; it can take time so don't wait until the last minute before you start! Remember to take a look at our internship calendar.


Identify preferred sectors or companies

In order to be efficient, you need to narrow down your search. To do this, take the time to focus on what interests you the most. What companies and sectors appeal to?

Think carefully about what is at stake and the length of the internship so that your search is in line with the requirements of your study programme.

In order to be a real asset to your career path, your choice of internship must be coherent. One important detail to bear in mind is that many French companies require you to speak fluent French! You must take this into account in your search.


A personalised CV and cover letter

Personalising your CV and cover letter is the key to a successful application, which means that you need to adapt them according to the offers for which you are applying.

Highlight the skills and experience that are most relevant to the profile sought. Do not hesitate to show that you know about the company and that it is of interest to you.

One thing you must always avoid… standard letters! An employer will not be interested in your cover letter if they realise that it is a ‘copy and paste’ from a template found on the internet.


Where to find internship offers

Not sure where to find internship offers? Well, first of all, give your CV maximum visibility by posting it online on job sites such as LinkedIn, Studyrama emploi, L’Étudiant, Monster or Indeed.

As an essential part of your search, these sites offer a wide range of products and services.

Don't hesitate to send unsolicited applications to the companies that appeal to you most. They are an excellent way of proving your motivation and interest.

Excelia will also provide you with useful tools to help you in your search. Using your MyIntranet login and password, you can consult our online platform which hosts a wide range of internship opportunities and you can access the Career Centre section on our Intranet, where you will find valuable advice on the business world.