Careers quiz: which job is right for me?

Which is the right job? Which is the right career path? Two of many questions you're probably asking yourself! Since you were very young, people have been asking you... What do you want to be when you grow up? And now, you’re there, asking yourself the same question... Which is the right job for me? Which field of activity? Which branch of management? Well, don't panic, Excelia's careers quiz is here to help!  

Which job is right for me?


Who is the careers quiz aimed at?

If you could just have a vague idea for your future career! But it’s not easy when you’re only 17 years old or even when you’re 20 for that matter! How do you reconcile what you like with your personality, your requirements, your desires? And how do you determine which career path to follow? 

In order to help provide the beginnings of an answer, Excelia has created this careers quiz for High School and university students who are wondering what to do. This free quiz is primarily aimed at them, of course, but it is also be a useful tool for anyone responsible for helping and advising young adults, i.e. parents, teachers and careers advisors.


A quiz to help you choose a future profession

The careers quiz that you are about to discover is based on the proven Holland Codes (RIASEC model) but is not intended to replace educational or career guidance assessments. Produced for Excelia by the human resources consultancy RessourcesH in partnership with GBF Conseil, an educational and vocational guidance consultancy, it aims to provide students with preliminary information on their possible post-High School educational paths. This careers quiz offers pointers and helps students navigate the various management professions and fields of activity. In addition, the job descriptions provided give an insight into the professions of the future for which Excelia schools offer quality study programmes. 

Are you tired of asking yourself "Which job is right for me?"

Then find out which field of activity would suit you best by doing our careers quiz!


How exactly does Excelia's careers quiz work?

Make yourself comfortable, set aside five minutes to sit in front of your smartphone or computer, and do the quiz... it could be the key to your future!
"I like games that involve thinking and strategy, "I am not a competitive person", "I am interested in human behaviour", "I am gifted with my hands"... 48 statements of this type are presented, and all you need to do is to place a "1" in the column next to those that are true for you. The answers are then analysed to generate one or two career domains in line with your interests, as well as some 20 - 30 detailed job descriptions.

"I don't know which profession to choose!"... first of all, determine what interests you in the business world!

Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional (RIASEC): each of us is a bit of this or a bit of that, with an inclination towards certain character traits, to which management professions in the widest possible sense of the term are linked in a variety of ways. Once you have carried out the ‘Which job is right for me?’ quiz, a personalised tree diagram will be generated, based on tastes and interests, which then enables the software to suggest a range of jobs:

Supply Chain Manager, Digital Project Manager, Tourism Project Manager, Health Project Manager, Events Project Manager, Point of Sale Manager, Real Estate Developer, Real Estate Agent, Logistics Manager, Brand Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager, Consultant, Financial Analyst, Auditor, Revenue Manager / Yield Manager, Data Manager, Data Scientist, CSR Coordinator, Communications Manager, Community Manager / Social Media Manager, Advertising Manager, Design Director, Travel Agency Manager, Travel Consultant, Entertainment Manager, Human Resources Manager, Asset Manager, etc.

Do the careers quiz to discover these jobs in detail!

Each job description details the different possible titles for a position, the associated tasks, the required skills, career opportunities and possibilities for progression, salary, and finally the specific Excelia school which offers relevant study programmes.

Excelia’s careers quiz is just a preliminary step. Do not hesitate to contact the person in charge of the programme at the recommended school, who will be happy to provide you with further information.

Which job is right for me?

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