Excelia Business School reinforces student involvement

Excelia Business School is committed to ensuring that the prospects and aspirations of its students are taken into account in its strategic development and has therefore added a student body to its Governance. Known as the Student Senate, it has a dual purpose: on the one hand, to strengthen the dialogue between the school and student representatives, and on the other, to share with students the major topics of general interest as part of a collective intelligence approach. Excelia Business School’s Student Senate is a multi-campus body with a unique format, made up of 341 students. It met for the first time in December 2023.


A unique opportunity for students to contribute to the school’s strategic development 

The creation of this Student Senate, which was approved by Excelia’s Executive Committee in September 2023, is perfectly in line with the values underpinning Excelia’s strategic plan, notably:

  • Sharing… working together and favouring collective intelligence to jointly build and give MEANING;
  • Commitment… by the group and by all stakeholders.

The creation of a Student Senate, driven by the principle of sharing ideas and active collaboration between students, is also driven by the determination of Excelia to be an agile school that listens to its student body.
For Excelia Business School, each meeting is seen as an opportunity to enrich the subjects under discussion with a wide range of viewpoints, and for the students it is a unique chance to contribute to Excelia’s strategic development.


Sénat Excelia


Topics of general interest for co-development 

The aim of the Excelia Business School’s Student Senate is to consider 341 points of view on subjects of general interest. At the first multi-campus meeting, held on 6th December 2023, the students elected the Senate’s first student Vice-President: Vincent Regnard (Bachelor Business Year 3). They then presented their ideas, concerns, and visions for the future on the following subjects:

  • Excelia Business School’s major strategic choices and directions, student employability, satisfaction surveys, vocational integration initiatives, etc.
  • Student Clubs and Associations initiatives highlighted by the Presidents of the BDEs on each of the 4 campuses.
  • The introduction of an ‘action test’ for student awareness, the aim of which is to encourage students to get involved and spread the word on sensitive subjects within their community (SGBV, use of psychoactive substances, emotional health/sexual health, eco-friendly practices to adopt in the evening, ‘safe evening’ checklist, etc.).


An immediate, highly positive feedback

When surveyed immediately after the inaugural meeting of the Student Senate, students expressed a high level of satisfaction (4/5). They have already informed the school’s Management of a number of topics they would like to see addressed at the next meeting. For its part, the organising team will ensure that the meetings are dynamic and interactive. Furthermore, the student Vice-President and his deputy will receive training in the collective intelligence approach.

The next meeting of the Student Senate will be held on 13th February.


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