En route for a Learning Expedition to Brussels with the BBA International students!

A 2-day educational trip packed with visits and discoveries in the heart of the capital of Europe… Brussels!

In March, students in Year 1 of the BBA International had the opportunity to go to Brussels on a Learning Expedition… the perfect occasion to experience first-hand the geopolitical and cultural zones studied during the year, as well as to meet local stakeholders, entrepreneurs, students, and international graduates.


What exactly is a Learning Expedition? 

A Learning Expedition (LEX) is a 2- to 5-day educational field trip designed as a first step in raising student understanding of global issues before they leave on academic expatriation, carry out an internship or undertake a Humacité© or Climacité© project. Right from the moment they arrive at their destination, students are immersed in an international environment, heightening their awareness by experiencing the realities on the ground whilst opening their eyes to possible career opportunities in Europe.

The 3 pedagogical objectives of a Learning Expedition: 

  • to enjoy a specially designed and planned international experience 
  • to develop open-mindedness and curiosity
  • to improve general knowledge (Business, Geopolitics, The Arts, etc.)

Exciting and informative visits

  • parlementThe European Parliament
    A guided tour featuring a personalised presentation on the role and powers of the European Parliament, followed by a Q&A session and a visit of the Hemicycle
  • Parlementarium
    Multimedia guides led students to the heart of the European Parliament, explaining the path towards European cooperation, how the European Parliament works, and what its Members are doing to meet the challenges of today
  • Page Personnel
    Meeting with the Director of this international recruitment agency
  • Marriott International
    Lecture on the art of networking
  • Afterwork event
    Meeting with Excelia Alumni
  • City Tour
    Exploring the historic city centre of Brussels with a guide
  • Musée de la Bande Dessinée
    Visit to the city’s Comics Art Museum

Benefits of this Learning Expedition

The Learning Expedition is an important event in our learners’ education as it offers them first-hand experience. In addition, spending several days with their fellow students strengthens relationships and builds group cohesion particularly during the long bus journeys and mealtimes at the various restaurants. What’s more, this international experience is a veritable asset for their CV!

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“The LEX was one of my first international experiences with Excelia. Brussels wouldn’t necessarily have been my first choice of destination, but I went there with an inquiring mind! I was pleasantly surprised by the various visits and enjoyed discovering the cultural gems of the city. We had the opportunity to meet with Alumni from many different backgrounds who were happy to talk about their career paths, their jobs, and what it was like to live and work in Brussels. It was really fascinating, and I realised that there are a lot of job opportunities there, across all sectors. Funnily enough, this trip would turn out to be a ‘life changer’ without me even realising it because my very last internship on the BBA was in Brussels… and I ended up starting my career there!”
Kate Bradford, BBA International, Class of 2021


  • A look at the BBA International 

The BBA International is a 4-year Bachelor programme in international business administration, offered by Excelia Business School. It has been designed to train students to become entrepreneurs and managers, who are versatile, mobile and open-minded specialists in international cooperation, able to drive the international development of organisations or even create their own business. The programme boasts triple recognition: 4-year post-High School qualification that is State-certified with a VISA from MESRI (Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation), AACSB- and EPAS-accredited, and an International University qualification.

Reasons to choose Excelia’s BBA International :

  • Work-study track abroad
  • Entrepreneurship abroad
  • A wide choice of international academic partners
  • Intercampus mobility enabling students to discover both La Rochelle and Paris
  • A highly qualified teaching Faculty
  • Students trained to become multilingual professionals 
  • A wealth of diverse experiences
  • Creation of a valuable professional network (lecturers, partners, Alumni, etc.) and friendships with students from different cultures and countries
  • 17 international double qualifications and 7 certifications
  • Vocationally-oriented, with RNCP Level 6 professional certification 

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