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Business Foundation Programme

The ideal springboard to Excelia's study programmes.

Choose a leading higher education group recognised in France and internationally

The ideal springboard to Excelia's study programmes.

Choose a leading higher education group recognised in France and internationally

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  • Maria Belhaj
    Director of the Business Foundation Programme Maria Belhaj

    The Business Foundation Programme (BFP) is primarily aimed at international students who are looking to carry out management studies at a Higher Education establishment in France.

    Either online or in-class, this programme, in one semester or one year, will enable you to acquire the fundamentals of management, while developing the necessary linguistic and technical competencies to be able to apply for Excelia’s undergraduate or postgraduate programmes.

    Whichever Excelia programme you subsequently choose, you will be joining a major French Business School, obtaining an internationally-recognised qualification.


    Why choose the Business Foundation Programme?

    • To improve your language ability in French 
    • To understand European academic methodologies, enabling you to follow lessons more easily and therefore to progress more rapidly
    • To acquire the fundamentals of business and management

    A programme that can be adapted to your level

    The Business Foundation Programme can be carried out over one semester or one year:

    • If you would like to join in September, you must have a minimum A2 level in French.
    • If you would like to join in January, you must have a minimum B1 level in French.

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    Our campus: La Rochelle

    For those who choose in-class lessons, you will carry out your semester or year of studies in La Rochelle, right in the heart of the University campus located in the Minimes district of the city.

    Find out more about La Rochelle campus

  • Courses



    Language competencies:

    • Intensive business language lessons in French 
    • Official language test
    • English


    Business and Management competencies:

    • The world of business
    • French Economy and European Economy
    • Intercultural and Ethical Management
    • Introduction to Marketing
    • Consumer Behavior
    • Fundamentals of Accounting & Finance


    Experiential and Personal Development:

    • Drama lessons
    • Methodology lessons
    • Internship search techniques
    • Tutoring from former BFP students
    • Company visits and seminars
    • Personal orientation and support
    • Entrance Tests Preparation for qualification-awarding programmes
    • Immersion in a programme of your choice


    Culture and Modern Society:

    • French Culture and European Culture


    Experiential and Personal Development (EPD): individual support by a mentor

    Throughout your studies, you will benefit from personalised support and guidance. The school offers workshops structured around personal development (self-awareness and self-assertion) and communication tools (such as CVs and cover letters), an overview of Excelia’s different programmes, an introduction to the local economy, etc. 

    With this in mind, EPD therefore includes the following:

    •    Methodology lessons
    •    Mentoring by former students of the Business Foundation Programme
    •    Career orientation and personal support
    •    Preparation for the entrance tests of Excelia’s programmes
    •    Opportunity to interact and discuss with students currently on your preferred future study programme 


    The different courses and projects are provided for indicative purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next. 

  • Support and Guidance, Personal Development

    One of the main objectives of the BFP is to enable you to prepare for your future studies and fine tune your professional project. Through Excelia's innovative teaching tools and experience, you will benefit from personalised advice to help you...

    • to identify and develop your project: personal development workshops on self-awareness, defining your aspirations etc.
    • to develop your personal communication tools (CV, cover letter, etc.), and present them effectively, making sure you give the best impression
    • to prepare for the entrance tests of Excelia’s programmes

    Drama workshop

    As a future professional, you will need to present and defend your ideas and projects in front of a variety of audiences. Our drama workshops are an excellent way to ‘learn by doing’. In a relaxed environment, you will develop your self-confidence and your oral skills through sketches, improvisations and public speaking, etc.


    Optional Internship

    At the end of the programme, you have the option of carrying out an internship in a company. This internship constitutes a veritable immersion in the French business world, giving you the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired throughout the programme. It will not only boost your experience, but will be highly beneficial for your further studies.

  • Tuition Fees 2023-2024


    International students

    • Semester: €4,885
    • Year: €7,155

    Tuition fees are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next.


    Multiservice charge

    • Fee (1 semester): €125
    • Fee (1 year): €250

    The one-off Multiservice fee gives access to the following services: Multimedia and Internet network, Cyberlibris (online library), Student Identity Card, Reprographics credit, Intranet, e-learning modules, Wi-Fi, Career Centre activities and services, International Insurance-Assistance (for any periods spent abroad during the period covered by this contract), University library, University Medical Service etc.


    Financing your studies

    Calculate the cost of studying in France

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  • Open to students with a High School qualification (or international equivalent). Personal motivation interview is carried out by internet via our dedicated platform (day and time of your choice).
    Application fee: €50



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