Still in the game!

La Rochelle Executive Education offers a wide range of professional training courses adapted to the specific needs of companies... so let's take a quick look at their Sports Marketing course. The latest sessions are just about to start... in La Rochelle for the fourth time, and for the very first time in Angoulême with the New Aquitaine Football League. It really is a winning work-study educational programme not only for the students but also for the different structures within the region... and everyone benefits from it.

For the past 20 years, ever-decreasing public funding has become a harsh reality for clubs, associations and other committees. To deal with this, they have had to evolve to ensure that they are commercially-astute and are able to raise private funding, which necessitates precise operational skills. Hiring a pre-trained student on a work-study contract enables them to implement a sales action plan that will generate revenue by developing a network of partners... and the rapid return on investment speaks for itself! Another plus point for these sporting structures is the fact that the course has been developed in such a way that AFDAS, the OPCO (Opérateur de Compétence - registered collection agency) for the professional sporting sector, is able to cover the study fees relating to the contract. In addition, an Employment-Training partnership was signed last July, between Excelia Group and the Profession Sport & Loisirs employers' group, so that sporting structures will not have to pay the associated administrative costs nor bear the risks inherent to any employment contract. Everything has been clearly outlined, streamlining the process.

As far as the student is concerned, there are numerous advantages to this short 15-month study course, open to adults and job seekers alike, such as the fact that 85-90% secure employment at the end of the course. In addition, there's no need to have a particular qualification beforehand - you can apply for the course whether you have a Master degree or whether you left school without a High-School diploma! Beyond simply looking at the figures, it's interesting to highlight the social mix of the small transgenerational groups, where a 58-year-old man, who is confident working with management, studies alongside an 18-year-old, who is constantly using social media... they can certainly learn a lot from each other. "It's a true sharing of experiences, wonderfully complementary and diverse" sums up Charlotte Faivre, Professional Training Project Manager for LR Executive Education. This is an initiative that could well be applied to other sectors facing the same problem, and more and more cultural associations (e.g. festivals and other artistic groups) are already showing an interest in it...